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[WIP] City of Las Vegas

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City of Las Vegas

Submod for Emergency 4



Greatings Emergency-Planet users! I am pleased to publicly announce a project in which I have begun a few days ago. I have researched the forums and seen many projects that were started but now dead, so I plan to continue on this project until it is complete. I plan to build this mod up completely with new vehicles, skins, custom lights and a new map. Because I am working on this by myself, I cannot give you and estimated release date because there is ALOT of work to do. I will keep this site updates as much as I can. Expect updates to be on a daily/weekly basis. 


Featured Departments:

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

Clark County Fire & Rescue

Nevada Highway Patrol




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Looking good, what's your plan with fire? Pierce Quatums with the Snozzel ? Looking forward to this.


Full quantum fleet. I will try to incorporate a snozzel, not sure how it will work.. Not a big scriptor. 

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Your skins look good, I would recommend making the state trooper a much darker blue, though. IRL they are a deeper blue.


That has already been taken care of. Didn't realize how bright it was until I got it in the editor. 

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Map Texture done by rettungstier

Looking for someone with good mapping experience to take over the mapping for the mod so I can focus on the rest.

What program do you use to skin LA mod vehicals?
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