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Version 1.0 Released!

So finally i can present you my creating! it took me like month of polishing it. I hope you enjoy it and give your feedback. In my view it is very fun to play, and even more on multiplayer where you can balance players roles.
So you can get:
- About 60 real units of all kinds to explore;
- New useful scripts;
- New real sirens sounds;
- Full ingame units graphics;
- Fun multiplayer;
- Stable gameplay without crashes.
And much more...
New patch v1.01 is out! (It will be a full mod because from 1000 people who downloaded the mod only 36 get the old patch)
-Welders can now enter back;
-Fire splitter returned to previous traits (*i can make it more easy accessible but than you won't be able to pick it up back);
-Fire trucks (GTF) get a more fire resist;
-NEW Fire siren (*Don't think it is so easy to find one, i was just lucky to find a vid where it fits);
-Brush fire jeep now have a 2 fh connectors;
-Added a rapid deployment; (*still works not perfect but better than nothing. Also notice it won't work if you use fire splitter (wye));
-Fixed military paramedics unit icons.
Download now - Allready patched mod v1.01 :
 Em-Planet |  File-Upload 2yMEyFW.png
File-Upload ysblFog.png (*units texts still in english)

Tips for  2V9CbWk.png?1:


- Rapid deployment will go a full cycle after the FFs have fire hoses equipped;
- If you have difficulties witch choosing of the units (like you get all the firefighters and the truck both selected), you can use Shift/Ctrl buttons, for example Shift +Click on the unit will result in choosing all FF (with the same role like normal FFs with firehoses) on your screene. And by keeping pressed Ctrl+Clicks you can select/uselect units by one (for ex unselect a truck like that).
- To install modification you need to unpack it with archive program (for ex WinRar) than press on USSR Mod v1.01.e4mod and open it with em4 mod installer;
- Only fire chief can use fire hose reel (but do not use twice!), also if he stuck in it, get a firehose;
- You can open crashed car with gas cutter (look in tec tab);
- In case you have another language in the game: open "mod\Lang\ " and rename en folder for the language you got, also open "mod\Specs\metastrings.xml" open it with notepad and perform similar operation.

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