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  1. Yeah on your picture it says skins by Enterprise too. Yeah skins are from GPM, more specifically Bxbugs123 for the CVPI one and the other one is made by JSDGraphics. You should really ask for permission before using other peoples textures, and I am pretty sure on the disclaimer that comes with each skin on the top right, it says something along the lines of Do not edit without permission.
  2. Cool stuff, however the skins are not made by Enterpriese E, The grey one is Bxbugs123's and the white skin I do believe belongs to JSDGraphics (2 CVPI's textures up at the top.), may have converted them. sorry if you already have permission and what not.
  3. Hell yeah, that's what I am talking about. I love it!
  4. whoops I should explained it better lol. I know how to texture it and what not,want I meant was that I assume you are going to have the K9 units functional like Hoppah's K9 unit in his mod, would you know how to Have the script to multiple vehicles such as the Tahoe or different crown vics, etc.If not, no worries, I was just wondering about this possibility. Sorry I should have explained it better lol its has been a long day. I do appreciate your fast reply. And once again, keep up the great work!
  5. Great work, can't wait to see all 3 submods. I do have a stupid question though, Lets say for example, I want to perhaps... have a k9 Tahoe, would that be something that can be done in the editor or does it require more complex skills. Sorry If this question has been asked before I have been gone from here for some time. So to recap, Is this something that I would be able to do once the submod is released? Keep up the outstanding work!
  6. I think the running lights on the crownvic are something new? Great job with the lights. And great job with the mod goog1967, I reinstalled Emergency 4 just for this.
  7. Looks freaking great, such a good model. Since you are taking texture requests how about this skin Phili Pd Philadelphia Police Cars would be cool. Great work again
  8. lol sorry. Honestly i dont like either teams (browns fan,from ohio....i know we wont see em in a super bowl lol) but hey you have to admit it was a great game.
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