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  1. Looks awesome! I like the look of the letters but yeah, might slow down some PC's, Who knows! Keep up the great work!
  2. Hey, Don't be so harsh with yourself, i really like the mod how it is right now! the police cars are super cool and the ambulances look really nice, In terms of quality i think your really doing an awesome job, I couldn't model if my life depended on it! It's totally ok to do things until your happy with it but don't beat yourself up or put yourself down over it! take your time i don't care how long an update takes, I'll always be so happy to receive an update, I'm sure it doesn't seem like much but i really enjoy playing 911 first responders and the fact that people are still modding it so many years later just makes me really really happy, So no matter what, I'll always be thankful for anything you or any other mod developer puts out!
  3. Not to be rude (I forget if it's against rules to ask about updates) but is there any word on an update anytime soon? The mod is really cool
  4. This.... is it out yet? I'm not sure and it looks super cool, Sorry if this is a bother
  5. By any chance is there a tutorial video for installing updates? Because i sorta feel like my version is outdated but i'm not sure and want to make sure i'm up to date
  6. I watched yours and got it working, thanks a bunch! It's super fun so far!
  7. Uh hi, So... i tried downloading this mod but the 4 parts REALLY confuses me (I'm not too good at figuring out complicated things) Could someone give me a step by step for exactly how to install this? Thanks a bunch...
  8. Ahh, That's a shame but it's still gonna be canadian so heck yeah B), and i didn't know there was gonna be an LA mod upgrade so that's gonna be cool too! Good luck with your projects!
  9. I didn't read EVERYTHING up until this page so please forgive me if this has been asked already.... Has there been any thought to adding O.P.P units? (I know it's based on surrey stuff so i am doubtful....) doesn't hurt to ask so i figured i'd ask, Super excited for this to be released (again, Haven't read all pages so i don't know the current status about releasing it) I live pretty close to ottawa and am serviced by O.P.P and ofc local EMS/Fire, It'd be awesome to see a great canadian mod!
  10. I wish this wasn't private, i'd love to play a mod from ottawa as i live pretty close to ottawa and see the O.P.P quite often, (particularly at my house XD)
  11. Maybe a dispute between soldiers or a fight between soldiers or something???
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