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  1. For me, it just made a little confetti sound and dissappeared, but I think it might be a prank bomb. Like not an actual explosion but something made just to scare people.
  2. Oh sorry didn't know that, must have missed it while reading. Deleting now.
  3. Man, these models are amazing! This submod is getting so good!
  4. I think the translate messed up there, but I think you're right, the problem is probably patches, he might have done that part wrong.
  5. Thanks, yeah I just can't find what is causing the poisonous gas, will need to take a further look
  6. The title explains itself I think. How to handle HAZMAT calls? I mean I set up the tent and decontamine people, but how am I going to remove the hazardous materials from the scene? Also, is there a way to clear the rabid dog call without killing the dog? I'm using Miami v2 and LA Nostalgia modifications if that matters.
  7. Is only your "move" command not working? Or others not work either? Units might be stuck, did you try "debug vehicles" option found in your command consoles? To be honest I don't have any ideas other than de-installing the whole game and re-installing. Maybe other more experienced members can offer another solution to you.
  8. Try removing the mod and installing it again
  9. Can you give us some more info about it? Like do you have no commands at all or do they only not respond to "move" command? You need to right click when you are choosing your destination and parking script won't work when your car is far away, you need to give that command when the unit is very close. Also unrelated to that, is there a way to have the murderer succeed from time to time? Maybe by changing a parameter?
  10. No no, I mean can I play on base game's deluxe map with this mod? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, bit of a noob in this
  11. You're adding airport police, but we don't have an airport in the map? Also would this mod work on the deluxe map? Just for a change.
  12. Loved those unmarked cars! Would you consider adding the '92 crown victoria too (since we have the '96)? Also plain clothed officers?
  13. Is there a way to make Horatio wear his glasses?
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