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  1. First off I have looked all over for advice and I can't find any so please don't shoot me down right away. i am having trouble downloading the Mod and wanted to see if there are posts or tips somewhere as to how to download and run the game. (Not completely tech savy) Thanks for the help and sorry to take the forum off topic a moment.
  2. I've looked all over the site and have talked to members and I cannot find anything that works for me. I dwonloaded 911 FR and everything runs and loaded fine. My problem is when I go to play the screen is all dark. I can see the areas to see the different types of equipment, the dispatcher, and the call area (CAD system) but I cannot see the city itself. I can see road markings and the water but everything else is blacked out. I don't know what to do. Can someone please help?
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    No but now I realize I have to. Stupid mistake my bad. But when I didnt have the mod running it did this as well.

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      and with caps lock

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    Before anyone gets on my case I searched through the forums, other websites, FAQ's, everything and I still can't find an answer to my problem. Im not a computer guy just to start off but I downloaded the EM-4 game from Atari and I downloaded the NY Sub Mod and all the instalation and everything works fine but when I go to play the game you cant see any color. You can see lights and road markers but everything else is like its blacked out. I tried playing with the graphics and reinstalling (multiple times) and nothing has worked. -I am at my wits end can someone please help me or atleast guide
  6. They also have these models as battalion chiefs cars.
  7. Not to good with computers. Not really to sure what that is. Could you elaborate or walk me throug it please? Thanks so much for the help!
  8. I've downloaded the mod but when I try to start the mod it won't open. When the game loads and is about to begin it crashes and brings me back to the windows. Any idea what I did wrong? I have a feeling it was in the way I downloaded it. Any suggestions?
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