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[TUTORIAL]How to Install Parts in Zmodeler

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This is a tutorial on how to install parts (lightbars, rambars, LED lights, spotlights) onto vehicles. As usual, you need Zmodeler, and this tutorial only applies to that program. Blender users have it differently. More info to be posted regarding optimization techniques and specifics regarding other equipment pieces.

Requesting that this topic and the other UV map tutorial I had be stickied.

Step one would be to enter Zm2 and import your desired vehicle, if you already do not have it as a z3d form. Save it.

You would then import all desired parts, in our example , it is a Whelen Liberty lightbar.


Be sure the texture of said part(s) are in the main folder with the rest of your contx7zkykT.pngent.

The part should now appear on your screen and all editing windows.


Go to object mode and select the lightbar. You should only be moving one part at a time.


opp93de.pngSelect the move tool.

In 3d view, your lightbar would be in a very unusual place. You need to put it on the roof. In regards to the Z axis, understand that the axis is all in relation to the view you are using.

  • In Front and Rear view, the X axis is left and right on the vehicle. Y axis is up and down the vehicle. Z axis is forwads/back on the car.
  • In Left and Right view, the X axis is forward and backwards the car, Y axis is up and down, Z axis is left and right of the car.
  • In Top and Bottom view, the X axis is left and right of the car, the Y axis is forwads and backwards the car. Z axis is up and down the car.

Up in this context is the roof, down is the wheels. Left would be the driver's side, right is the passenger side. Forwads is the hood, backwards is the trunk.

You need to maintain symmetry when installing parts, because real car parts (on most vehicles anyway) are centered. Second consideration is the placement on the real vehicle. Try to at least follow the actual vehicle's specs for setting equipment up on the body.


RXzvhxl.pngOnce you are done with all this, you need to attach the new part(s) to the vehicle.


Export the file as v3o in order to be able to be put in Em4.


This step is optional but I believe it is the 'cure' to some heavier mods lagging.


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17 hours ago, FInn Rescue 12 said:

Itchboy good to here from you nice work. 

If you wanna hear from me, you can also hit me up in my email or PM me. Its been a while hearing from you too. Hopefully this wall of text helps inexperienced modders get the hang of basic stuff.

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