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Post your emergency vehicle lightbars!

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Found this locally for $25:

22960912235_c8851e938e_z.jpgFederal Signal Smart Vector Lightbar by R Seluryar, on Flickr


For $25, I dont expect it to work properly, but with parts easy to find on ebay for now, it shouldnt be a problem to restore it.


Its a SV-A Series with 2 pods featuring 3 lights in them, one for takedown, one for alley and one for rear flasher.


I hope to restore it and then make a shelf for it to put on my wall while using a power inverter to power it off of household wall power.


I have wanted a vector or Vision bar for the last 20 years, never thought I would actually get my hands on one.


Hope to acquire a Federal Signal Vista or Streethawk next. Ultimately, I would like a Whelen Wecan compatible lightbar but those are usually selling for over $1000 used.

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Good for you that you finally found one but what are you buying them for? I mean it's not like you can attach it to your cars roof and then run on code 3. :laugh:

I want to put it on a shelf above my computer desk and connect it to house power along with a switch controller

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I have since added a few more bars to my collection, A Amber Vector SL, an Amber Mini Vector SL, a Whelen Liberty, and a Federal Signal Streethawk.



Both amber vectors have very short cables and that allowed me to get them both for $75 total.







I have a temporary power solution to powering them, I have been able to see what works on my first Vector, sadly it seems that only 3 rotators work along with the takedowns and alleys, the mini vector sl runs fine, the larger vector sl had its rotator bulb burned out so I replaced it with one of the working ones from my first vector, The Liberty runs fine on a 10amp continuous regulated power supply and the Streethawk works completely.





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Modified my 3 pod Vector SL from amber to red white and blue:

Started this Summer with 7 bars, killed a full size vector while trying to get it fully working, tossed it out as well as the parts bar I was using for it., Sold my full size Amber Vector SL.


With the removal of the amber led modules out of my Mini Vector, I placed them into my Arjent SL and have it listed for sale on craigslist:

If I can sell it, I will be left with my Liberty and Streethawk and Mini Vector SL Which I have no intention of selling/tossing either of them.

I seriously had to room in my tiny apartment for all of these lol.

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On 9/30/2018 at 9:21 PM, itchboy said:

Im curious: How do you kill a lightbar? Too much voltage?

Some lightbars have fuses in them, I think the vector had 2 20 amp fuses in it, But they dont do any good if you provide 600 amps to the wrong side of the circuit. The pod I was replacing refused to light up the bulb which I knew was a good bulb, So I tried another pod, connected wires from the jump starter to the pods wire leads(before fulling screwing the pod in so it was partly completing the full circuit) and I guess that killed the whole bar.


In other news, I got some red LED modules for my Liberty.


I now just need 2 more red modules for the rear for it to be true red blue, Not stopping there, Will eventually replace the takedowns and alleys with compatible led versions.

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