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Found 68 results

  1. First of allgreetings toeveryone, my nameis RodrigoI have22 years,and I am aVolunteerFirefighterin Argentina.I commented thatwhileI am waitingand looking for a Argentinamodfor911firstresponders, without achievingthe goal.I haveseen oneanotherprojectin this forum thathave notyetcometo fruition,I propose to resumeanyprojector startitfrom scratch,from eitherwelcomeanyone interestedin participating orprovidingany help,becauseI'm just atexturing, I have startedsome work, but i'm not a good 3d moder. I hadnoideaofcentralizingthe modina large cityas we used toplay inthe most successful launches.Anyareainside thecountryasI live, hasmanyrisks, amedium sized city,theatraviezanroadsorsurroundingareas (farms mostly)withpotential vegetationas fuel, etcetera.The variety ofsecurityand rescueforcesare large, PoliceStateRoadhighway,ruralpoliceoutside,radio commandof the policepatrollingthe city,emergency medical servicespublic and private,national gendarmerie for backup, heavyinfantryguardasimpact force,municipalserivices, etc .Now, as totheFire, insidethe countrygreatlypredominatevolunteerfire stations with awidevariety of units, but notthe latest generation,in major disasters supporting one anotherbetweenquartersborderingcities and towns.TothisI would love toimplementa system likethe spectacularmod 'PortugalVolunteerFirefighters'. I think itwould be aworthwhilemodto do,or at leasttry them,and couldgive us a differentplaying environment.Belowsomepictures of theemergency servicesas soon as it's ownadvancements,the'll uploadin shortnomorefor now, I hopeyour cooperation,thank you very much.Rodrigo Higway Police of Santa Fe state Rural Police 'Pumas' http://reconquistaho...=wmark&mid=7120 National Gendarmerie Radio comandos Police Public Medical Emergency Services Municipal Services http://t2.gstatic.co...4USWL6Gk0bg&t=1 Volunteer Firefighters example of a forestal unit national fire truck rescue unit donated or buyed american fire trucks in a lot of volunteer fire stations http://t3.gstatic.co...GFZAPkpUcMaZOEx
  2. Creek Side 2.1.1 Removed due to copyright issue!!! Unfortunately some can not play by the rules of permission request! Although i fully support modding and growing as a community. However this mod was made following guidelines and requesting permission from others Any releases will be pursued as copyright infringement!
  3. These are just a few of the units from the Rockport Mod by Ghost Graphic Designs that I did a little light mod on. Wanted to share it here to see what people thought of it so leave leave your opinions! As you can probably see, i'm way better at LED lighting that with halogen/rotor lights! Also, if anyone is looking for someone to do lights on their own mods I would be happy to help out, probably on smaller mods to begin with. Anyone looking for help just PM me. Download Thanks folks Connor
  4. Hi All, I am looking for a mod team to help me put together an Animal Control Vehicle for the LA Mod. I am going to do the lights. Needed Team Members: Scripter Modeler To make it easier to develop the mod, if you join google docs to upload and share the mod files. Thanks.
  5. Website: http://www.madm0dd3r.ucoz.com Downloads: Version 1.1 Beta http://adf.ly/9iWSs __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.1 HCB http://madm0dd3r.com...te_beta/1-1-0-2 Version 1.1 HCB Lights Hotfix http://www.madm0dd3r..._hotfix/1-1-0-3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.01 http://adf.ly/1255034/ucoz-101 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.0 http://adf.ly/125503...download-link-2 http://adf.ly/125503...ad-link-4shared __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My YouTube Channel: http://adf.ly/5J0Kk Time to 1.1 Completion (STOPPED) 75% Links:http://forum.emergen...86-scpd-submod/
  6. I will not be making any more updates to this mod on these forums sorry! Hey guys just wanted to share my personal edit of the LA mod on the woods map! I made this sub mod to play with a group of friends in multiplayer! every thing you see on here is the exact same in multiplayer including a working To hospital, Police, Fire Station script! As you will see in the pictures there are a total of 5 Fire Stations, 1 police station with a sub-station at the FD Headquarters Hope you enjoy! Credits to Hoppah, Shane Green! Download Link ( Update may not be available tell approved by mod ) Mirror until mods approve files http://www.fileswap.....html">File??FD Comannd V1.zip Station 3 showing that the Fire Station Start Script has been removed Station 2 Housing Engine 50, Brush 51, EMS Squad Station 1 Housing Engine 10, Engine 210, Rescue 3, Ladder 10, Medic 10,210,310 Station 5 Housing Tanker 50, Hazmat 10, Squad 10 Station 3 Housing Engine 51, Ladder 51, Medic 51 Station 4 Housing Engine 236, Medic 410, EMS Squad Police Station Houses verity units Hospital house 2 ems units ( sorry forgot there numbers ) And here is the mini map!
  7. I have established a new Hong Kong Mod The content of the update-New HKFD vehicles 60%-New HKPD vehicles 50%-New HK‘s Ambulance 80% -New HK‘s personnel -New lights -Hongkong style building?From Manhattan Mod?-New Flame lamination...........................................................To release two photo first We can see many new elements Enjoy it
  8. Hello, I am not sure if I will (Attempt) to make a mod where u can play as ski patrol and local fire department. There would (obviously) be the skiing hill with several ski patrol stations located on top or bottom or something, each with helipads for air escort. Personnel/Ski patrol could patrol the slope on little snow mobiles, each with unique capabilities for example: some could only have a medic ride in, another can transport injured, and some can bring search and rescue dogs. After a patient is recovered it could go to the main ski patrol at the bottom of the hill where a local FD ambulance is waiting to pick up the patient. However, this would leave nothing for PD to do accept for maybe direct traffic for a crash on the slick roads. If anyone has any ideas or about making this mod that would be great. ¡¡AGAIN JUST AN IDEA CURRENTLY NO DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN STARTED BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN IT WONT!!
  9. Hey there Emergency-Planet i am DEVILSHADOWWOLF and i am going to create a mod called West Hollywood Mod Based on West Hollywood, CA i am assembling a team for this mod let me know if u would like to be a part of the team. edit: modding team update: modeler: open positionlead skinner: DEVILSHADOWWOLFskinner: open positionuv mapper: open mod issues update: units will not be shown for some reason when i went into editor today all it showed was the "model missing"
  10. Thankyou for visiting the official topic of the Manhattan Modification. This modification will be 3 years old in August, and has seen the release of Version 1 and Version 2 Version 3.0.0 has now begun development, we would now like to show progress on the development of the mod. All models and textures have been extensively improved since the previous version, with a completely new map, new area, new rigs, and much more.. All info from v2 removed see www.manhattan-mod.org for version 2 screenshots. What's new? We've once again revamped the units, adding details and in some cases re-modeling the unit. We're also adding some new units such as Hazmat 1 A new hose connection script means hoses no connect to the front rear and sides of Engines and Squads, hooking up differently depending on the rig, e.g Marauder II's are different. We've also gone through and re-lit all the rigs, which is still a work in progress. What else we're looking into We are trying our upmost to finally include limited water supply, we'll keep you updated on this. Another idea we want to introduce is the ability to hook ladders up to any building, possibly assisting with venting, this would improve the aesthetic on scene. More info and screens coming soon. x Fan Banners - Hopefully we have your support! [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/12549-manhattan-modification-in-progress/"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img18/5678/63196880.png][/url] [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/12549-manhattan-modification-in-progress/"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img199/3281/95961656.png][/url] [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/12549-manhattan-modification-in-progress/"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img32/1053/12341677.png][/url] [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/12549-manhattan-modification-in-progress/"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img51/5213/62584626.png][/url] [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/12549-manhattan-modification-in-progress/"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img21/1648/52981313.png][/url] [url="http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/12549-manhattan-modification-in-progress/"][img=http://imageshack.us/a/img801/3656/99626162.png][/url]
  11. So first, THANKS to HOPPAH and EM4life for permissions to use their creations in my own custom reskin/mod. I'm making my mod, currently called Hometown, USA. Making it based on a generic non-existent city/county in Wisconsin (just so I can pick a state police & license plates). I want to change the mod so that I don't have duplicates of the default vehicles on the map. Example: Station 1 normally has 3 of the Ambulance2, I want to use 3 different Ambulances, so the models are slightly different (I.E. Medic 2, Medic 3, Medic 4). Same for the Engines. Can someone either post or PM me some info on how this is generally done? I am willing to figure out some of the scripting, but I've never really done scripts. I'm trying to add a siren to the Red Cross Hummer but that hasn't worked yet, but I have an idea on that. I am not asking anyone to take this totally on for me. I want to learn how to do this also. I love reskinning the vehicles, and am playing with some "easter eggs" in my vehicle options if I can get this to work right. Also, if I do this with individual vehicles, can I make the vehicles you call from off map still be duplicates? Example, if I call additional ambulances, they would be private and wouldn't have to have the different "Medic" numbers. Hope I'm not going over my head on this. Thanks for the read!
  12. hello, I just downloaded 911 First Responders to my computer, and installed it, when I go into the modinstaller, it pops up with a error message saying 911 first responders wasn't installed right. what can I do to fix this issue? I have reinstalled it and still get the say issue.
  13. Version V2.0


    This Is a small light mod for the Rockport Mod by Ghost Graphic Designs I hope to add more relit units later Please leave your feedback on the Rockport Light Mod Forum Thanks Connorhull3
  14. ---->TOPIC CLOSED<---- Because i'm now working with EmC_Unit on Italian Mod [W.I.P] (IT) Roma è la capitale d'italia. E' molto grande e popolosa, con oltre 5 milioni di abitanti. Questa modifica, sulla base di Los Angeles Mod, ricrea un quartiere virtuale di questa splendida città. La mod è stata sviluppata da me un po' di tempo fa, ma con l'aiuto di AZNALUBMA e Thebisco, la mod è cresciuta, fino a diventare com'è ora! Hanno contribuito anche altre persone, come Vaschino75 e Soccorritore118, Admiral Thran e Dany_476, che con il loro supporto, sia tecnico che "morale" ci hanno aiutato a risolvere svariati problemi! Io non sono un modellatore 3D, quindi nessun modello è creato da me, ho preso alcuni modelli da numerosi autori... Se nel pubblicare immagini me ne dovessi scordare uno, lo prego di scusarmi e di inviarmi immediatamente un PM per informarmi. Presto seguiranno immagini con rispettivi autori. (EN) Rome is the capital of Italy. It is very large and populous, with over 5 million inhabitants. This mod, based on Los Angeles Mod, recreates a virtual neighborhood of this beautiful city. The change has been developed by me some time ago, but with the help of AZNALUBMA and Thebisco, the mod has grown to become as it is now! I am not a 3D modeler, so no model is created by me, I took some models by many authors ... If I forget the name of an author, I beg you to forgive me and send me a PM to inform me immediately. Pictures will soon follow with respective authors. P.S. Sorry for my bad english, but i'm naturally Italian
  15. We are working on the Veghel mod. veghel is a place in North Brabant between Den Bosch and Eindhoven and the surrounding areas are: Uden, Erp/ Keldonk, Heeswijk Dinther, St. Oederode, Schijndel. I've just started the mod and can still use some help what I'm looking for: map creator 1x script maker 1x screenshots of the cars follow if you are interested to help with the Veghel mod let us know below. wij zijn bezig met de Veghel mod. veghel is een plaats in noord-brabant tussen Den bosch en Eindhoven en heeft de omliggende plaatsen, Uden, Erp/ Keldonk, Heeswijk Dinther, Sint-Oederode, Schijndel. ik ben net begonnen met de mod en kan nog wel wat hulp gebruiken daarom zoek ik nog: map maker 1x script maker 1x screenshots van de auto's volgen heb je interesse om te helpen met de veghel mod laat het hieronder even weten. mvg, veghel mod team
  16. Hello guys, is there a way to do manual save in the editor? Because if I have a car done with lights,doors,wheels etc... and if I close the editor and then open again all changes are reset the car only stays with the body... Anyone know a solution? P.S: I dont make changes in the original folder I have the mod folder and i open everytime I open the editor so the preoblem is not the wrong folder...
  17. Welcome to the official topic for the Nevada Mod. The Nevada Modification is currently in it's earliest stages. The progress of the units: Police 10% (1ST REL) Ambulance 5% (ALL REL) Fire 20% (1ST REL) The modification will feature units from: Washoe County Nevada State Police Las Vegas Metropolitan Police North Las Vegas Fire Department Clark County Fire Department Any Help Would be Appreciated in the Creation of this Mod. Credits of course go to the infamous Hoppah (And all who partcipated/had their models used in LA Mod) and for Mindcore for unlocking the textures. I am also looking/recruiting somebody who can help with lighting and modelling. The LVMPD uses Vision SLR and the LAPD uses a completely different lightbar, calling for somebody to change it, of course. The mod will not feature units from the popular show 'Reno 911'
  18. HDMods

    St. Cloud City Mod

    St. Cloud City Mod This mod is based on LA mod 2.1 by hoppah. Features: -Hospital (with helipad) -Police Station. -Fire/EMS Stations. -New Fire Engines, Police cars, ambulances and Tec. -New Scripts. -LED lights. -New Map. -New skins. -New equipment. And more to come.. Thanks to Hoppah for is amazing scripts and base mod. All credits will be provided in the read me file. For daily updates follow me on facebook: www.emergency-planet.com/HDMods00 and subscribe me on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/HDModsEM4. I hope you enjoy
  19. I am currently working on a modification for my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. I've currently finished the basic textures and 2 law enforcement vehicles inserted(Crown Vic and an SUV), and was wondering if a fellow Nebraskan or anyone willing to help might offer some assistance with the tooltips, scripting, and so on. Anybody that could help would be appreciated. ~Lincoln Mod Head Developer
  20. alright i am not sure were to put this topic but i have been stuck for hours and hours trying to figure out why every mod i download for this says MOD FILE CORRUPT i have cleared my history files and accepted cookies from the website and yet still no luck is there anyone at all that can help me fix this problem i only have 3 mods and i want another and it wont let me do anything for mods just keeps saying corrupt and i have tried everything i have found on websites i even have re installed the game numerous times and still no luck please help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  21. In Emergency 4, LA Mod 2.1, I want to slow down how fast fires spread/grow. I don't know how to though and I have looked around but couldn't find out. Thanks for any help.
  22. i recently made a small light mod for the Rockport Mod by Ghost Graphic Designs and was wondering how i would go about preparing it for download, like the files i'll need and all that suff! Obviously i would sort out permissions and things like that! Appreciate the help! Connor
  23. I was very upset when I found this mod. It had taken me about 2 hours and lots of sign ups on far distant EM4 fan sites, all in DUTCH. Just to get this download. AND THERE IS NO ENGLISH SUPPORT? WTF?! Egmond Mod is extremely fun to play, featuring: A new dispatch system. New vehicles Completely new free play map and style. New sirens New scripts and commands! Can I stress this mod does not belong to me in anyway shape or form. LOGIN DETAILS FOR SHARED ACCOUNT. Case sensitve. LOGIN: EMPShared PASS: thepoliceguy !!DOWNLOAD!! http://www.emergency4.nl/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=4545 !!DOWNLOAD!! Any questions are welcome and I would strongly recommend reading the manual first! SERIOUSLY READ IT. I would also recommend following the instructions about deleting buses, they cause the worst traffic jams ever ThePoliceGuy
  24. Figured I'd post to say I'm currently hosting a server for the Harbor City Mod. (I haven't seen anything against this type of post/topic, but let me know if this isn't allowed!)
  25. Hello Everybody, I was wondering if there was any posibility for some new commands for the los angeles mod on EM4, Here is what i was thinking about: - Using police units to escort for example an ambulance to hospital. - Police officers able to call in SWAT or a negotiator - negotiator is allowed to call an getaway car - police units can hold a traffic check (all vehicles that pass by are being checked for everything) - Armored vests for police officers, that they can put on as command - ambulance chief can call coroner - chiefs can call in crane Or if u have any ideas about possible commands i would like you to write them here, maybe together we can make a list of those commands and maybe they can be produced. Greetings, storm1994
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