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  1. The skinning contest!

    June's winner: goog1967! --------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the delay, I know that sometimes I forget about the contest. The truth is that i've not been playing Em4 lately and accordingly not entering to EM-P very often. So I've decided not to support the contest any longer and ask a moderator to close the post. If people still want the Skinning Contest then I'll be perfectly good if you create another post and continue the contest. My apologies.
  2. The skinning contest!

    Start voting!
  3. The skinning contest!

    Congrats goog1967!! This is the 5th time you win the contest! ----------------------- Start posting your skins for June!
  4. The skinning contest!

    Polls are done, start voting! From now on, only entries with a screenshot in the game/editor will be accepted
  5. Dodge Charger 2012

    I like it. You're a good skinner
  6. The skinning contest!

    Sorry for the delay. ------------------ April's contest winner is goog1967! Congratulations again Start postng your skins for May
  7. The skinning contest!

    Polls are done! Please vote
  8. The skinning contest!

    Please choose just one
  9. Remember to participate in the Skinning Contest with any skin you've done http://forum.emergency-planet.com/index.php?/topic/13048-the-skinning-contest/

  10. The skinning contest!

    Congratulations to Voodoo_Operator! ---- Start posting yor skins for April's contest. @ausavin26 and @salvador.c your entries are accepted but next time please put the skins after the polls are closed.
  11. The skinning contest!

    Polls are done Sorry, I didn't include your skin due that the image could not be seen clearly. You can participate in April's contest but upload an image with a better quality please.
  12. Madrid Mod

    Wow great job
  13. Apple vs Android

    I like both, I got my iPod with iOS and my cellphone with Android. iOS is more elegant and aesthetically better but Android has its charm.
  14. New York Modification V.1.01

    I think you need to edit the start script ( in the scripts folder of the mod)