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    Gaming, Emergency Services, Soccer(referee), Lego. If adding me on Skype, please tell me you're from the EM4 forum. :D
    Looking to join FRNSW in a few years.

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  1. Amity Island Modification

    This is looking amazing, can't wait to play it man well done.
  2. Montana Mod v2.1 (In Development) Download link removed by Authors

    Was unaware that this awesome mod was still being updated, good to see. Can't wait to play the finished product, it's looking amazing so far and good to see all the community engagement and participation.
  3. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Can't wait for it
  4. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    I've encountered this bug in other mods and am currently downloading Kent 1.2, will update if it occurs.
  5. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Sounds awesome, I just leave a sprinter ambo and a police riot van or two there, in case
  6. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Yeah, there seems to be a lot of medic and police calls centred around the concert, always fun though.
  7. River Falls Mod (Fictional) (Private)

    Just wondering if theres a link anywhere for the .5 download? If not, its all good Mod looks awesome so far
  8. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    All good The mods looking amazing btw
  9. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Ok thanks guys, I'll try that next time it happens.
  10. Kent (UK) Mod (Dev Release)

    Absolutely love this mod, one problem though: For some reason when I try to make a Paramedic grab a medical bag the game crashes my whole PC, is there anyway to fix this?