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  1. Anyone still play?

    Army isn't MP unfortunately http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_sad.png Check out this topic, I have a discord with more than 40 players of this game http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png
  2. Merry Belated Christmas all, been a little while since this topic had a reply.
  3. Bushton Mod issues.

    Don't know how to fix the medics, take full advantage of your ALS Providers from fire and AMR ambulances in mass casualty situations (I find this more enjoyable anyways) As for the ambulance transport issue, I've never had this. Have you tried redownloading the mod fresh? Maybe something was lost/corrupted.
  4. Discord is up to almost 40 members! Very happy with the growth. I am currently toying with the idea of expanding the discord to include an EmergeNYC clan, contact me directly for those interested.
  5. Question about EM4 Deluxe edit

    Hopefully this will breathe some life back into this game and spur the modding community again
  6. Discord is up to 19 members, sad that we have almost 200 views on this thread with little participation in the discord but I am happy with the growth and activity.
  7. Multiplayer group on Steam

    you replied literally a year after this thread was started
  8. Group playes

    Check out my topic, public discord to find games on any mod, no clan affiliation http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png
  9. the wrench symbol

    What kind of file are you putting into the game? Some mods require you to use the mod installer, not all can be dragged and dropped.

    Mayberry can be finicky with the tankers, essentially treat them my moving hydrants, have a FF connect a hose initially to the tanker, then to the apparatus you want to refill. To refill a tanker, connect a hose to a hydrant, and then to the tanker.
  11. Still working on growing the discord, we have 11 members now and a couple that are active almost every day. Join today to help grow and make it easier to find multiplayer games for anybody! Clan affiliation is not a problem, we are a neutral discord designed to get EM4 players together. There is no rank structure, activity requirement, etc.
  12. How to only police

    ^ do that, set all callouts you don't want to = 0 leaving just law enforcement related callouts set = 1
  13. My manager has a FS in his POV, not sure what model.
  14. Water Supply Problem

    Limited water supply is where the fun is though! Theoretically, you should be able to delete the limited water supply scripts from the game, however if other scripts or macros are dependent on limited water supply, you may run into some problems. Off the top of my head, you may have trouble with rapid deployment.
  15. Hi all, I made this discord to unite EM4/911FR Players to get together and play casually. This is not a clan, just a public chat where games can be organized and played all under one roof. No age requirements, no stupid rules. Just have fun and don't be an idiot. No specific mods, just find people and have fun! RP and Casual play are both welcomed. Here is the invite link! https://discord.gg/xEAJvtY pogoemt