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  1. I have stopped working on the modification as I have joined the Fire Service and simply have no time to spend on this sadly. I'd like to thank you all for the support over the last 3/4 year and it's been fantastic. I hope in the future I can find time for Emergency 5 and I can actually do things. All the best with your mods! Thanks again!
  2. The mod is continuing but very slowly. I've been so busy with personal work and also community fire safety work and with me possibly moving to Glasgow to work it's been a hectic couple of years. Updates will come, give us time. We are also one Fire Service. Instead of Scotland the mod is actually going to be based in Aberdeen and will consist of three wholetime fire stations and one retained. With support units that can be called in through the map. More news soon.
  3. Agreed guys! It does look good and this is development shots! I'm surprised how good it looks! Since we can mod it! It could be a great game modded! I'm sure it won't be as finished and smooth and the Emergency Series but It will be a good fighter!
  4. If you click "picture" under Gallery next to Highlights theres more! Checks inside the fire station! That's very realistic! There using the gym, everythign!
  5. Hey guys, found this game due to come out in April next year! It's similar to EM4, Looks very realistic! Has Freeplay mode and also it's mod friendly after the release! http://www.simuwelt.de/game/rescue-2013-helden-des-alltags Check it out!
  6. Why don't you go on and make a mod thats got new buildings, new maps, stations, scripts. They've gave you an ETA, Do you want a laggy mod full of bugs and cutting out? If you can't wait go and do something else with your time than sitting at your PC screen and waiting for it to release. It will release when it releases. If they don't say stuff you won't know what to expect. Give them time, Otherwise shut your mouth and let them do what they enjoy, If you think your better make your own Manhattan Mod, Go on, Let's see you try.
  7. Our Scania Appliances here in Scotland, Only ones in the UK to have fully white! Our new 2012 appliances for our second Busiest Fire Station with 2400 calls(Non Medical), Our busiest 3000(Non Medical) will be getting two this year also.
  8. Let me just say, MP is absolutely amazing.. Why would you just want to play single player when you are on with 4 people and doing dispatching and second alarms you name it! Multiplayer is never a focus in a mod, its about time it is ! You will actually love it more than single player ! You will be surprised!
  9. Hmm, I had normal settings without hack, Seems to work for me.. Maybe because you have it installed?
  10. 2.4ghz with 6gb of ram and 640gb of memory :) New laptop.. EM4 should glide!

  11. Well the Cam Hack was already installed for youn in 3.5 so you can look at the detail in the units.. To send units a call comes in.. then your pager goes off. Then it's the same as before.. Pager - Click orange button Man Vehicles Click the Radio then Status 3. Once parked out the front with lights and sirens etc.. Click The bottom left option. Click Map. Basically same as before.. but you ain't selecting the same amount of firefighters as before.
  12. A remarkable page ran by a 17 year old giving out Fire and Safety, Road Closures, Images, Videos, News Stories.. With 600 fans and hoping to reach 1,000 by January 1st 2012. Can you help him? Check the video advert - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I15inmWFQ-8 Go on help him reach 1,000.. 300,000+ views since August... Be Safer, Think Faster, Live Better Thanks
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