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  1. Amity Island Modification

    Happy new year everyone. I finished a small pier today. As always i used lots of assets from sketchfab, free3d and blendswap.
  2. Amity Island Modification

    Hi there, long time there was no update because i'm working on another mod too. This is only my side project. However, today i worked on another small scenery on the map. As always i used lots of assets from sketchfab, free3d and blendswap. Authors are: renafox, joe_carrot, mik-art, kathiastaff, kojocci, vietboi17, TraianDumbrava, Jeff Smith, tpoveda and MGD Films
  3. Amity Island Modification

    Hi there, a new area of the map is finished. Again i used assets from sketchfab. Authors are renafox, tpoveda, 3dhdscan and TrolliZBS. The Peterbilt Truck is made by Carman.
  4. Amity Island Modification

    As long as you can run my other mod you should be fine. I depent texture size on how important the object is to the scene. I.e. Vehicles usually 2048x2048 textures and buildings between 1024x1024 and 2048x2048. The pipes you mentioned have a 256x128 pixels texture and the building 1024x1024. I only use new trees for the vegetation. The branches have a 512x512 pixel textures and the trunk a 256x256 pixel resolution. I never had any problems regarding texture size in any of my mods. In my private mods i even use texture sizes up to 4096x4096. As long as you don't have an old graphics card (<1GB VRAM) or an onboard graphics unit it should run. Emergency killers in my opinion are too high poly models (15k polys and above. You can notice this in some polish mods when vehicles are bunched up), extreme lighting settings (radiation and poly lights) and unnecessary polls in scripts (i.e. radio system in my other mod). These are the obsevations i made in my 11 years of modding EM4. I added the credits regarding the F-350 and Econoline.
  5. Amity Island Modification

    Thanks for your replies! Of course it has the correct "OUTATIME" numberplate, I finished today another small area of the map. It was harder to finish than i thought. I used, among others, assets from naves, MGD Films, Jeff Smith, JJ Chalupnik, Ponti Franco and Renafox . You can find these on sketchfab. Ford F-350 and Ford Econoline by MikeyPI.
  6. Amity Island Modification

    Hi there! I've finished a new area on the map. The drive-in will be open at night and gets filled with cars and people. On the screen will be old movie trailers shown.
  7. Amity Island Modification

    The screenshots are taken straight from the editor. I use a custom reshade effect to get the depth of field, ambient occlusion etc. I only add the mod logo and remove the editor overlays in the corners (compass, Time) with photoshop.
  8. Amity Island Modification

    Thanks for your kind words! Here are some more map screenshots for you:
  9. how to add a person ?

    It looks like you forgot to set the right role for the person.
  10. Amity Island Modification

    Yes the Map is my own creation. On the map there will be only a small fire Station with 3 vehicles. A police Station and an ambulance post with 1 or 2 ambulances. The Rest will come from off map. I have jet not decided what the cars will be. Gameplay wise i think the mod will be mission based. I have aready some features in mind.
  11. Amity Island Modification

    Thanks for your replies. I have completed a small area of the map - Spiveys Point. It's the highest point on the whole map.
  12. Amity Island Modification

    Hi and welcome to my first US based modification! This fictional modification is based on the island Amity where the events of Steven Spielbergs "Jaws" took place. It features a completly new freeplay map and various scripts. Unfortunately the mod will not be based in the 1970s because there are no 3D models of vehicles from that time available. The map will feature one small VFD, PD and an Ambulance post. The rest will come from off-map. Here are the first screenshots: Stay tuned for more updates!
  13. Own Created Emergency 4 Scenes

    Still working out my config for Reshade. Pretty tricky to get the right settings for day and night: Off: On: Off: On:
  14. New computer

    The problem is that emergency 4 isn't really optimized for that aspect ratio. Your whole image gets distorted. Thats why i switched back to windowed 1280x1024.
  15. Own Created Emergency 4 Scenes

    Montana Mod with custom Reshade MasterEffect File. All ingame, the images are not edited.