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  1. Hello, is there an alternative method for importing/exporting a .obj file into a .v3o file other than going through zmodeler3 and then export to the game itself?
  2. Dude, the mod is so awesome and it's come so far, I can't wait to see it when it is finally released. Question though? How many units are gonna be in the mod all together when it does finally come out?
  3. Hello, I made a model in blender and imported it into zmodeler, but for some reason I get the model looking like this: Can anyone tell me what I did wrong with the export or if I didn't add something to it before I exported it. http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_06/image.png.6cbfea9ccc85f6d3928360ac9d01f68f.png
  4. Hopefully you can include a version that is for west hollywood, would love to see them represented
  5. I'm sorta a uv-mapper and modeler if your ever interested and needing help
  6. Is this a 70s LA Mod or just an in-general 70s mod if you need help with uv-maps, I don't mind helping you out as long as I have a clear definition of what I'm doing and whatever template you have for the vehicles.
  7. Yeah for a while they did, but then they discontinued it when they got the first But that was like a long time ago that they did that. Dude that thing is a beast, glad someone came up with the idea for the firecat.
  8. While it is true that LAPD or LASD does not have a water cannon unit, IThey do have more than enough to make up for it with their bearcats, since one of their bearcats is equipped with a modular ladder unit that allows them to assault a building high up through a window. Goog, I would personally say just replace it with like another bearcat that has the system I just mentioned, because whenever they have been deploying for riots, especially as of late for what has been going on down here in the city, I've been seeing them deploying D-Platoon with a bearcat behind them, with an officer sitting in the top turret of the bearcat. I've also noticed that LAPD has been deploying a strike team of like 12+ officers on a couple of unmarked suburbans and they have been riding around town and responding to stuff quickly. LA County is not messing around with this curfew, I'll tell you that much right now. But anyways, yeah, that's my personal opinion as a resident of the city of LA.
  9. The game will be all the better for it, so yeah, it doesn't matter if it takes longer, as long as in the end, we are able to play a sub-mod that isn't as laggy or is way smoother than normal, I will personally take that time and effort and put it to good use by playing the hell out of this sub-mod, it's gonna be so nice to have an updated LA mod with modern units, I can't wait to see how it's all gonna turn out in the end. Goog, CFD, Itchboy and all the other modders who have made this game what it is today with their amazing mods and hard work and time and effort put into modding this game, I thank you for making this game what it is today with mods.
  10. If you update the personnel goog, I think you should add the following for certain departments: LAPD: Sergeant K-9 Handler & K-9 Detective LASD: Sergeant SEB Officer Sheriff K-9 Handler & K-9 Sheriff Detective
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