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  1. Hi! Im trying to animate an object (a gate) just like in US Army Mod so i can add it to a mod for my own use. I was wondering how id go about animating the gate, coding and adding to game Thanks!
  2. Hey! I was wondering how do I go about changing the units that appear/return to stations! I want to change one of the fire stations in the London Mod to a Police Parking area I have looked on forums and couldn't find any answers Thanks
  3. I tried re-downloading the London Mod 1.3 because of some issues and it comes up with unable to download. Any ideas?
  4. A County Id love to see is Cumbria/Lake District! We have shit tonnes of call outs ect
  5. Hey! So I'm modding the Kent Mod for my own use and I want to make one of unmarked police cars into a unmarked medical car. How do I go about doing this? Also how do I add new equipment to the cars? Thanks
  6. go to Windows C: programme files (x86) Steam Steamapps Common 911 First Responders the mod installer should be there (ModInstaller.exe) open it and press install package Make sure your Mod files are in the Mod section of 911 files @jelly418
  7. Hey! I had a cool idea a special US Secret service Mod based around Washington DC? The Mod would include Agents and presidential guards as well as key members of the house (First Lady ect) There could be events like gate breach, medical emergency or bomb type thing! @EmergencyModTeam
  8. Says the link is unsafe according to my laptop
  9. neither will work for me without me buying them I'm afraid
  10. Are there any free to use Software as ZModder3 wont allow me to do what I want
  11. So I looked at the script and I believe that's up/down. How would I fix that so I can open an individual gate swinging it forward or backwards if possible Picture of the gate is in link below Picture 1 @itchboy
  12. @itchboy LA Doors is the only gate type script I can find is that the one I need?
  13. Hey! So ive been playing the London Mod and I want to make the gates at downing street/Whitehall manually openable/closeable! How would I go about doing this? I have looked at the other guides ect and found them of no use for me personally
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