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  1. Okay so I make the bigger texture, import it. Where to I adjust the map boundaries? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  2. Hello everyone, is it possible to expand the size of a pre-existing map? Does the Game base map size on the dimensions of the texture? Some mods have quite small maps like Mayberry, but then there's Harbor City and Manhattan which are huge. My goal is to keep the map I'm using intact, but add more space on all 4 sides to add new features. Is this possible by just editing the map texture to be larger? Thanks Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  3. I've rotated the model, but now when I "install" the ladder, the game crashes with no errors. The model shows up in the editor fine and the prototype names in the script are all correct. The script even starts running since the install sound starts playing. I don't know what could be causing the issue. @itchboy
  4. Damn, well I am currently trying to figure out how to rotate my model, rotating and exporting from zmod isn't working. Thanks for the answer.
  5. Hello again everybody. I was wondering if anyone has edited, or knows how to edit the ManhattanTowerLadder script so that the vehicle does not rotate 180 degrees when installed. The script is awesome but I really don't want to relight the entire unit since its now facing backwards. Thanks
  6. It's my own private mod I've been working on for a few years with the help of some others. It's based off of 4 different departments in my area in Southern Oregon, combining certain things from all of them to come up with this fictional department. As far as unit numbering, again it uses the same system that is used in my area: The first two numbers in the unit number (23--) are the department identifier, so all units from this department begin with 23--. The second two numbers identify the type of vehicle and its station number. Engines are 01-19 (Typically first out's begin with 0-, and reserves with 1-. 2301 first out, 2311 reserve) Aerials: 20-29 Rescue/Ambulances: 30-39 Tenders: 40-49 Staff/Chief Officers: 50-59 Wildland Engines: 60-69 Misc. (Fire marshal/investigator, fleet management, sometimes additional wildland apparatus): 70-89 90-99: Technical Rescue The only exception is the 3 Battalion Chiefs in the area which are Battalion 1,2 and 3. My mod is laid out the same way: Station 1: Battalion 1 2301 (Engine) 2321 (Truck) 2331 (Ambulance) 2341 (Tender) 2351 (Fire Chief) 2361 (Wildland Engine) 2371 (Dep. Fire Marshall) 2391 (Tech. Rescue) Station 2: 2302 (Engine) 2332 (Ambulance) 2362 (Wildand/Urban Interface Engine) Station 3: 2303 (Engine) 2333 (Ambulance) 2343 (Tender) Station 4: 2304 (Engine) 2384 (Air/Light and Tech. Rescue Support)
  7. You fixed it!!! That appears to have been exactly what the issue was!! Thank you so much!
  8. Negative, they cannot move out of the station when they're placed there from the start. The mod does feature the script that limits movement when no one is inside, however, it doesnt seem to be having an effect on it, people in the vehicle or not they still don't park. There is a video of the issue, with the vehicles placed on the map as suggested by @CMCC626. As you can see, not only are the vehicles not able to move, but additionally personnel avoid the inside of the station when walk to vehicles. Once again, nothing about any of the VO's was changed other than their location, they're still all named the same and have the same properties as they do in the base Mayberry mod where they work fine.
  9. Nice work man, the new wheels on the ladder make it look so much better!
  10. i would love to see a Pierce Dash CF cab or Enforcer (don't think either has been made in this community yet), and an Ascendant aerial would be even more amazing! Keep up the good work, the brush looks awesome!
  11. Okay @itchboy, the physics resize on the vehicles hasn't solved the issue. It seems like the vehicles don't to go through the gate VO's for some reason, even though their not set as barricades. I'm completely at a loss of what to do at this point.
  12. I'll give it a try. Why would that need to be adjusted when the models haven't changed at all, and neither have the VO's, just repositioning @itchboy?
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