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  1. Sorry NFK, had to call you out on this one, our air force hasn't been the RCAF for almost 50 years, it is now known as the Canadian Forces Air Command (AIRCOM).
  2. Anyone want a video editer? Im free :)

    1. Ray the Wise

      Ray the Wise

      I'm not quite following. Are you implying you are software? Thanks for clearing that up, sir/machine.


  3. >.> back to the point, why would they need a hotel that big?!?!?! Its North Korea! They dont let anyone in for God's sake
  4. Yah it is, Aliens come and you need to chainsaw them with FF before they get to the UFO >.> Edit: Emergency 2 NOT 4, 2
  5. Been there done that... Its the bonus mission in EM2
  6. Well, if he is playing chalange mode, then it just might be that he as gone for so long that the price has increased to that.
  7. I'm adding two new fire stations that are baced off of station 2 from the old map, but what do you meen by an outdoor station, I think that may be better for my pourpices.
  8. Hey, I'm adding two new stations the the freeplay map, and I'm wondering if scripting them as as simple as copying and pasting the current scripts to include the stations. Any guidence on the matter would be wonderful. Thanks
  9. Its Living Legends, Night prowler, right? If it is, When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight.
  10. Repaird, didin't see that when I read the ToS
  11. Complant: Got a nuke in MW2 (lagatamately) then got kicked before I could use it
  12. Finally cant wate to get the paperback!
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