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  1. I concur that a Map would be great to have before you worry about new game mechanics. Sure they are not ideal, but I think they'll do for now. Regardless of that tho, fantastic job guys I am really looking forward to be seeing your progress on this. Also Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  2. Great work on those Em2016 mods Sir! Also thank you for your Service


    Sgt. ret.

    Alex E

    1. dan78


      Mommy Help Alex EM5

      text me 6157304760 or email danstevens110978@gmail.com

  3. I completely missed all of this, this will be rectified immediately. Guess a EM2016 Stream is on order tonight Amazing work!
  4. Good to see you are back ! So EM2016 is not completely dead yet
  5. This is great to see, there are my hopes that all these "smaller" mods will eventually lead to something much bigger. Good work!
  6. Good luck with your Mod, looking forward to be seeing the progress
  7. Since I am off the grid in about 4 hours for a while I will say this this to the community and you can take that as you wish. "Good steel is forged in a hot fire" with that said I think we will come out of this whole mess better than we were before and I would also say thank you to all the Content creators that reached out to me/ got back to me in the last few days. I'll see you all on the other side of my move..hopefully
  8. R>I>P Sunflower field ( But man you did a ton of work there, very nice job!
  9. I really didn't want to say anything about this whole thing, but since some feel my Channel has certain ambitions I want make something abundantly clear. I have not the time to sift through every mod that I get offered becasue I hate to sound like that guy, but having a channel of my size a full time job and a family takes time and so time is a very valuable thing for me, and until today I thought that everybody here is mature enough to respect each others work so that I could trust people. Unfortunately I was proven wrong and so I will only showcase mods from certain people here on out, people that are known and trusted in the community most likely in the near future anyways mainly European and Brazilian Mods as they are unscathed by this whole drama that is going on here. I have seen this in the 18 years I am in modding communities many times and more often than not it ripped communities apart, hopefully this one here is not going down the same route. And to those who think the mods are being too hard, they are doing their "job" which is a job that they not getting paid for or thanked most of the time. There is a point where you have to put the hammer down and that point is now. Lastly, while I certainly won't take any Videos down I am going to put correct credits in the description and as overlay certainly for all mods that came from one certain individual, if you see others feel free to message me, best case with a link to the video because at 700 Videos it takes a while to find them all. That's all that I have to say to this. Good luck to everyone
  10. I am very much looking forward to the map. Great Job
  11. This looks promising, @RestingVermin you better bring your a game and don't bring shame over the #NorthernPack
  12. I can not believe the amount of units you got there, this is mucho impressive!!
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