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  1. I cannot find your facebook page, can you provide a link? I used to be able to find it now it seems to have disappeared
  2. I love it! I found that some vehicles are missing the tires, or atleast they are not showing up for me. A few suggestions I have would be to put a hydrant or two in the top left corner of the map where all the shipping containers are accross from the station that has just the two engines. Also, maybe slow the fire spread a little bit? Both calls I had that were fires as soon as I scrolled away to click on my units when I moved back the fire had spread a good bit.
  3. A - I love complex calls and trying to go all out and get the max use out of my resources but sometimes thats hard to do when im getting 5 calls at once
  4. So I am considering buying a new laptop; it is the Asus: Republic of gamers system. Does anyone use it? If so what games do you run on it? Below I have listed the specs can someone tell me what I can run safely off of it? I mainly want to run GTA IV and V with the LCPDFR mods. EM4 with mods of course, possibly EM5 and the new Battlefield Hardline. If someone could give me guidance that would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Processor: IntelĀ® Core i7-4710HQ CPU @2.50GHz Memory (RAM) 16.0GB System type 64-bit Operationg Sustem, x64-based processor
  5. I just use the Hydrant out front of the station. Oh I see, It I was gunna try and change the Brush trucks to 300 and the one engine with a large tank on the back to 1500 or 2000 gal but I guess its not possible. Thanks though!
  6. Quick question, How would one go about if at all possible to edit the amount of water that the units carry, I just want to edit some of the units to make it a bit more realistic at least for where I come from.
  7. Every time I download the mod, my antivirus says that the file is not safe attacks and uninstalls it. anyone know a fix to that?
  8. I got it to work now haha, but it crashed when I sent one of my police units to the station. I am not sure which one though. Also, in V 1.2 I could use the tanker as a relay pumper from the hydrant, now I cant do that anymore in 1.3 will that be changed in 1.4 or no? I feel like it would be pretty nice with long lays like that if you could use an engine or tanker to relay water
  9. I get that a message saying that the destination path is too long the the E350 lights, when I went in and shortened them it still didnt work
  10. Love the mod, having a bit of an issue with 1.3 though. Hopefully I can make it work. On a side note it wont let me view the FB page?
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