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  1. Like these: http://www.evsincstore.com/thestore/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=367 Or these: http://www.allhandsfire.com/RINGERS-911-BARRIER-EXTRICATION-GLOVES
  2. Yes but it's still very recent and not really that common, not like every regular office in the UK is now taser trained, but maybe it will become the case in 2 years time, but still that's not now.
  3. Great to hear, keep it up Dosed and others!
  4. I know they exist (apart from Motorway Ambulance, I still dispute that), but are they really used for proper emergency responce? Rarely. Secondly they from all around the place, if you want to base a mod on a city you can't just pick and choose units from anywhere. And thirdly what use would something like a police quad have in-game? None, just look pretty. When you say combination of mods, which mods are you combining? There are already a number of British mods.
  5. No offence but you do not have a clue about UK emergency services. (motorway ambulance, police quads, fire motorbikes and fire buses for evac. Like WTF?) Anyway this isn't going anywhere, believe me. How many times have people come on here with a load of ideas and just expected everyone to help? They won't. By the way do you know how pretentious you sound by writing "Best UK emergency mod"?
  6. Read the post above and instead of changing the SUV file change the unmarked car's file.
  7. I use to love playmobil I have tons of it! Good luck.
  8. But again regular officers don't carry tasers, only armered officers do. So it would be pointless.
  9. Mods looking great mate! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to playing it.
  10. You can ues the jump pad (in the FRU) for that event instead of the ladder.
  11. You could also just edit the number availble in the 'freeplaybase' file in the mod's 'specs' folder. You can also use this to get a crane in-game. I've had a good few hours playing the mod now - really excellent - one of the best mods (if not the best) for EM4. Only major issue I have is traffic none of the traffic light work properly so there are big jams everywhere which can be bad if you get car fire event. Does anyone know how to fix traffic light timings? Once again you've both done a great job.
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