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  1. I assume its for freeplay and you tried the default garage doors first? (the one of the original freeplay map) A button that opens the gate is very easy to do. It's like the command for the fire stations in the LA mod to open the gates. A gate that opens automatically with a custom script is more complex. The US Army mod has a similar code in it. For freeplay there'd be a script running every 1 to 5 seconds to check that perimeter.
  2. l1 couldn't be defined because the caller (object that executes the script) isn't named 'fire_station', 'fire_station2', 'fire_station_controlpanel' or 'fire_station_controlpanel2'. If any other object tries to run that part of the script (commandscript 'DummyDisableAlarm') it will result in that particular crash.
  3. African nations don't really have US Military goodies, so I'm not sure what you want to use them for.
  4. Welcome to EM4. Loading can be reduced using test mods. Imo scripting is more like: - 10% actual scripting - 5% checking script before testing - 15% waiting - 5% actual testing - 30% fixing - so that leaves 35% for frustrations right? X3
  5. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the difference. There's 2 types of open structures in EM4: - the default 'open house' type in EM4. A more hardcoded functionality specifically used for persons to enter. - custom 'open houses' controlled via scripts. You're trying to convert a hardcoded 'open house' into the custom one. At least, thats what you want if u want to be able to park vehicles inside. You need to make sure there's a seperate model for the walls, a seperate model for the roof that can disappear and the garage doors need to be seperate models too. Just like the custom 'open houses'. So what you're going to need to do is altering the original models, so you have those seperate files and make new prototype files for them.
  6. If not, I won't be doing mods for this game period.
  7. I'm old too. So the file you've got is a .rar (or WinRar) file. Easiest thing you can do is extracting the entire file to your desktop using WinRar, 7zip or any other program which can extract .rar files. Then see whats inside and install the mod or submod using the provided installation instructions. Sometimes those instructions are inside a certain readme file.
  8. Well nice. But couldn't 16T just as well do this in a public forum? And no, I'm not participating. My German sucks (I'm sure the whole thing is German) and I'm too lazy to drive that distance (nearly 400 miles) fer a little event. Even if the drinks, food and stayings are for free. I do wanna visit Berlin sometime though.
  9. What does your speaker configuration look like? Its a long shot, but if the video shows it may be an issue with your computer or the speakers you are using. It may be your system which outputs the audio of those videos to a speaker which doesn't exist. The audio in those videos is always mono (see below). And unlike sirens, the game does not upscale that to stereo, so the output is pure mono too. In case you're using laptop speakers (2.0 set) while your Windows audio preferences are set for a 5.1 set, you will not hear the voices because Windows tries to divert the mono audio to your center speaker which your laptop doesn't have. In case of a 2.0 set, you should hear the voices through both speakers with the correct Windows setting (see below for the settings I'm talking about). Know what I mean? A simple test, when you load a mission can you hear that missionbriefing voice? That voice always plays through the center speaker of my 5.1 surround set while the rest of the game is stereo and plays through my left and right speakers (when using direct 6-channel output). So in case of 2.0 speakers, make sure the speaker setup in Windows is set to Stereo to make sure the audio (including mono) plays through the correct speakers. In case of a seperate surround set (5.1 or 7.1) it's more complex. You be looking at wrong wiring, wrong settings in the surround set itself or a wrong setting in Windows then. Speakser setup in Windows 7: As you can see the audio of this supervisor video has only 1 channel. I know one its one of the German videos but the English one should have similar settings: GeneralComplete name : D:\Emergency 4 Deluxe\Data\Lang\de\Supervisor\ID_CAMP_SOLVED_02.mpgFormat : MPEG-PSFile size : 750 KiBDuration : 10s 512msOverall bit rate : 584 KbpsWriting library : encoded by TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress Version. VideoID : 224 (0xE0)Format : MPEG VideoFormat version : Version 1Format settings, BVOP : YesFormat settings, Matrix : DefaultDuration : 10s 480msBit rate mode : VariableBit rate : 477 KbpsWidth : 160 pixelsHeight : 120 pixelsDisplay aspect ratio : 4:3Frame rate : 25.000 fpsColor space : YUVBit depth : 8 bitsScan type : ProgressiveCompression mode : LossyBits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.993Stream size : 610 KiB (81%)Writing library : TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress Version. AudioID : 192 (0xC0)Format : MPEG AudioFormat version : Version 1Format profile : Layer 2Duration : 10s 512msBit rate mode : ConstantBit rate : 96.0 KbpsChannel(s) : 1 channelSampling rate : 32.0 KHzCompression mode : LossyStream size : 123 KiB (16%)
  10. It crashes before you even dispatch the vehicle? If its not the prototype, the problem likely can be found in the unit.xml file, problaby referring to a wrong prototype or UnitID. Also double check that file for syntax errors which may prevent the file from being loaded at all.
  11. Hoppah

    Police 10-13

    Well, I was exaggerating a bit, but my point stands. What I've seen alot is that people see great graphics and expect gameplay of equal quality. In the mean time, graphics and gameplay are two entirely different worlds. You can make a game look photorealistic but without a solid entertaining gameplay core it will still be trash. Graphics don't mean much anymore then, do they? If most time is put into graphics you will probably end up with a lot of disappointed players because you cannot meet your own promises as well as their expectations gameplaywise. Deadlines make that even worse. If I were a gamecreator, I'd build the basic gameplay core (the scripts and codes and what not) first, just to prove my concept. You know what the graphics engine (like RAGE) you're using is capable of anyway, so graphics shouldn't be prioritized at all in the beginning, but its still what they all show. Eye-candy and a concept.
  12. Hoppah

    Police 10-13

    Looks like NFS: Most Wanted to me, with a lil more police funcionality. Another game which ONLY shows visuals and zero gameplay. I mean, look at the videos, they just show a chase (with nice graphics) and a shooting range (with horrible graphics?) and thats it. No interaction can be seen. Yet the fans probably all have high expections for this pretty game. Ofcourse, the authors made a ton of cool promises which will not be met, because coding/scripting is tougher than expected (duh). I'm sure it won't be as bad as Air Control ( ) though, but I never really have high expectations for green'litter' games. Offtopic: I still don't understand why Steam allowed amateurs with their faulty greenlight system. It will unconditionally lead to a saturated game supply with Steam offering tons of B-games (for a couple of bucks) that are NOT fun and don't meet the original promises the authors made in their concepts. And in the end, Steam will take a hit in its reputation.
  13. I'm not sure what you mean? Did you set the type of those lights to 'Bluelight'?
  14. Left lights: delay 0.0 and delay 0.5 (or a bit lower) Right lights delay 1.0 and delay 1.5 (or a bit lower) Try something like that to make them alternate (left lights double flash first, then right lights double flash).
  15. I'm guessing the entire string that checks for prototypes (if <lots of protos>, else if <lots of protos>, else if <lots of protos>, else if <lots of protos>) is too long. It's easier for me to check the script with added tabs. Can you upload the script in a rar or zip file? edit, found errors: else if (StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE01) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE03) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE04) == 0 ||StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC_02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE06) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMRAMBULANCE01) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMRAMBULANCE02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC_03) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC_07) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AEM1) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_EMS) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_CVP2) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC1) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC2) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_RESCUE01) == 0) || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_RESCUE02) == 0) ||Double check the closing brackets on parts like this. Did you noticed the additional ) added to the line PROTO_ABSC_03 (after the null) and down? It's not there in the first 8 lines. That closing bracket is there to close to entire IF string because it relates to the very first opening bracket. Also the OR operator (the ||) at the end isn't supposed to be there. Therefore, that part should look like this. else if (StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE01) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE03) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE04) == 0 ||StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC_02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMBULANCE06) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMRAMBULANCE01) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AMRAMBULANCE02) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC_03) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC_07) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_AEM1) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_EMS) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_CVP2) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC1) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_ABSC2) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_RESCUE01) == 0 || StrCompare(v.GetPrototypeFileName(), PROTO_RESCUE02) == 0)basically that code is saying: else if ( (PROTOCHECK1) || (PROTOCHECK2) || (PROTOCHECK3) || (PROTOCHECK4) ) note the brackets that enclose the entire check and the brackets that enclose each individual comparison. All the other comparison strings have similar errors. Good luck fixing that first. Hopefully I was clear enough. With all the 'else if' parts, the entire statement may still be too long. Sowwie fow my English.
  16. I had a nightmare that my administrator rights were revoked. Woke up in tears too. I'm actually still crying. #depression
  17. Naw my kittens name is already Hooperpooper
  18. Are you serious? Or don't you want to do other objects for another particular reason? Or do you lack imagination? It was just a suggestion. Like I said, alotta mods will incorporate your car packs, which feels kinda useless to me if maps do not even look like ANY American place. Trust me, the original EM4 maps scream filthy Europe all over the place in this game. The differences are huge and they don't look like the US at all. Obviously, the US is so big you'll have to make choices to make generic objects but it's mostly about adding a little more ambience or atmosphere (whatever) to American mods instead of pursuing 100% realism. Sometimes the smallest examples are the best: I've never seen a yellow traffic light like that in Europe whatsoever. The yellow pedestrian signal would be another great example in my opinion, just like the US Post mailboxes. Exactly what I meant actually, while that car looks different its general shape remains pretty much the same and thats what you basically need for EM4. The game is usually played from birds eye view and thats what people tend to forget a bit imo. Also, most players will either (a) not pay attention to different car types or (b) don't recognize the different types at all. It's simply not worth the time and effort to update ALL cars annually in my opinion, but thats just me. Hoppah.
  19. I'm not. You don't really want to shoot a surrendering suspect in public, because that's what he apparently did. It would've stained the police deptartments reputation for good reason imo. I would lose my respect and faith for any police department if they'd start shooting suspects unlawfully as an act of revenge, no matter how justified that would've felt for the colleagues of those fallen constables. This asshole is going to be prosecuted in a court of law, as it is supposed to be in civilized countries (and apparently very polite countries like Canada too!). The police are not judges, nor executioners. Thank god for that. H.
  20. Hi and welcome to EMP! You should look in the start menu for 911:FR shortcuts. There should be a shortcut to the editor installed there. Otherwise I will post instructions how to make your own shortcut because its basically the exe file with an extra commandline to it. Hopsy
  21. Whats up with the constant focus on updating cars? Does it really matter if cars are a bit outdated? Even by only a couple of years? Lets take the sixth and seventh generation Dodge Charger as an example because it seems to be popular. That car remained pretty much the same since 2006 (with the exception of its tail lights I believe). Yet they release a new version every year. Nobody's gonna give a shit if your mod contains either a 2006 or a 2011 Dodgy Charger, because nobody will notice minor details. As a modder, I'd rather focus on improving gameplay than keeping my vehicles up to date, which is a very time-consuming task and not really worth it for a game like EM4. Anyway, as far as I know there aren't really Europian carpacks, but you can find tons of individual cars for EM4 on the German database: click (warning: contains German language). I wouldn't use them myself, but they may be worth a shot if you need Europian cars fast. I was actually hoping that either itchyboy or someone else is gonna do an American Objects pack (without stolen objects from other games) for Emergency 4 in the future, or even an American Building map. American cars are useless if the environment (original EM4 game) still looks very much Europe.
  22. Then why could 2 officers BARELY restrain a suspect in that video? It's horeshite. You'd cry in shame if you'd find out physical requirements to be a police officer. The officers in the vid you posted earlier for example: the skinnier one with the glasses didn't appear to look very strong. Other than holding on 'to dear life' to his cuffs, he didn't do anything. The other 'fattier' one appeared stronger but probably couldn't outrun the suspect if he'd got away. Even the suspect wasn't that build but he did a fairly good job on fighting them off. Otherwise the video wouldn't be that 'shocking' right? Then you have a lot of older police officers (50+ yo) too, who all have to deal with the effects of ageing. Most police officers aren't body builders at all. Because of their vest and belt they just usually appear heavy build and/or stronger in public. And yes a gun holster usually has wraps. But that doesn't mean much if the suspect is still stronger than the officer and you're already engaged in hand-combat.
  23. Indeed, it will always be debated, even if they ever issue guns to police officers in the UK. It remains a matter of weighing the pros and cons. The investment of issuing guns to officers to save extra lives, increase defensibility and to deal with certain situations more effectively versus the risks of innocent people getting shot, trigger happy officers or weapons being stolen and/or used against officers. The latter happened in the Netherlands in 2011, resulting in the death of a police officer who was killed with his own gun which was taken from him during a struggle. There's no perfect solution and there never will be. Tasers aren't that non-lethal as they are supposed to be and batons can be used to beat someone to death too. Even cuffs can be used against officers effectively. If the suspect is better than the officer, the officer will probably not win. No matter if guns are involved or not. :>
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