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  1. New fire particles? Can you please send the link?
  2. On a technical level, em5 is apparently much easier to mod. BUT. It requires 3ds max, which is out of the budget for most of us unless we get a student deal on it, and even then its still expensive. And it's full capabilities haven't really been tested from what I've seen. theres some germans working on it, we'll see what happens.
  3. It was, that's why I spent over a week on the new truck, then we pulled the water tanker since it was useless without lws and put another engine in it's place. Thanks fam, multiplayer is fine, we just don't want it being used as a clan mod is all. Especially since I'm the hate mail taker. We greatly appreciate it!
  4. Thanks @Chris07. My final cut is different and I've made it my personal playground. For now, its for my testing purposes because i ended up still not being 100% happy with final release because most of my time was consumed with the new truck. On that note, it allowed me to openly experiment and make more interesting things. In current state, the "update" is private. But, I may throw a screenshot here or there depending on progress. This was from some time ago now. I thought it would be fun to share.
  5. what mod? some require nnarco's corona pack
  6. new clans are good, especially with it picking back up since steam launch a bit. totally worth looking into, a lot of stuff out there now.
  7. what clan is this? Our T.O.S says that it may not be used for any clan modification. Private use only. You may want to notify them.
  8. Thanks! There were too many issues with the tiller unfortunately, especially for multiplayer.
  9. No, I'm sorry. We put a ton of work into that, its only been out a couple days.
  10. I've never been happier to be a part of this project over many years, the truck and scripts, if anything, are sign of how our skills have improved over time. Thank you all for playing this and the support! Enjoy this! Keep your eyes out for our next project ?
  11. Glad to see more mods coming up! Looks good, can't wait to see your next version!
  12. The german forums are relatively still active because they have always had the majority since the start. They've overcome just about every flaw of the game, us on the other end who dont read and speak german, are left in the dust and have to figure everything else out years later. Its not that we don't care, because chris07, grimwizard and I are still working on stuff. If anything this steam release flared it up a little bit. But 16t should have 100% updated the base to allow for more, video options, lighting fixes, other little things, a remaster in a sense.
  13. I know it's been some time, but do you have any detail on this? That's not a very clear issue. Unfortunately, due to school and work we haven't made any decision on whether to continue updating this or anything else. We have plenty of ideas, we just haven't had the time.
  14. but if you stack people log style in a car and add 2 in the trunk anything is possible, right? just kidding. but really, this is one of those things where the line isn't in the sand, it's drawn in cement. coated in lead. protected by a "nuclear trip mine".
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