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  1. Looks good! Glad to see people still working in this game/mod community.
  2. Mayberry County [Released]

    https://www.moddb.com/mods/mayberry-mod-2014/addons/corona-update Here's the fix for the white squares.
  3. That is going to vary based on where you're talking about, can you be more specific? Helitack is seldom used in my current area as the fires are small enough and easily accessible, that changes from area to area. Also there's lots of different types, some actually land while others rappel into the area. Crew size and collateral duties vary greatly as well. Airborne Paramedics in the USA operate mostly on medical helicopters but sometimes on fixed wing planes as well. In helicopters the crews almost always consist of a "flight medic" which is equivalent to a paramedic and a "flight nurse" which is equivalent to an RN. Both receive standard training as well as more training in critical care and in operations inside a helicopter. The crew will also include a pilot of course. That's about all I can speak on without specifics, hope it helps.
  4. So when I was involved in firefighting in Missouri I worked with management to get equipment. Basically the federal government distributes equipment (trucks, gear, random junk, etc) to state forestry departments. The state forestry departments then use some of the equipment themselves (used to be more back in the 80s and 90s) and distribute the rest to needy fire departments around the state. They distribute the stuff they kept too once they get better gear. I'd suspect that's how it works in most states. As for who has suppression responsibility that varies. I've found a link with info about Montana's jurisdiction here. Basically as I understand it DNRC responds to wildland fires on their own land and on land they are contracted to protect (USFS, NPS, BLM, BIA, basically federal areas not big enough to have their own response) and will assist local departments when requested as a mutual aid sort of deal. I would think they are NOT a umbrella, at least not functionally. They often respond when a local VFD can't put out a fire (it gets too big for initial attack units and is going to be a multi-day fire) and then they'll take over management of the fire along with the local authorities. Additional information about fire protection in Montana can be found here. They also provide aerial support for wildfires in the form of 5 helicopter based around the state. Apparently they also have a prison crew (Type 2 hand crew) that responds statewide when requested in partnership with department of corrections and the state police, info here.
  5. Found two links, one just stated what you found already and one is a forum post on a FF Forum which (although isn't an "official" source) states that Montana does not allow sirens on POVs. Montana Emergency Vehicle Statute Firehouse Forum on POV lights by state
  6. In my hometown rural (MO) area loose livestock events were like Rlizard described, someone (cop or a bored volunteer firefighter if they were nearby) would herd it out of the road and then call the owner to retrieve it. Dead deer were hauled off the road by the highway department or cops, we didn't have a homeless shelter in our area and most of the meat would be pretty bad by the time it would get to anyone who needed it, usually if someone hit a deer and wanted the meat they'd arrange to take it themselves. Our biggest concern so far has been a horse trailer/cattle hauler wreck which we haven't dealt with yet but has happened nearby. In those situations the cops will dispatch the animal if its too injured AND is making it impossible to access a human patient but in other situations we generally have vets come out and assess and if needed put down or knock out the animals. In rural areas we make a lot of it up as we go... As for poaching cases there I have a bit more experience. Depending on the "level" of forensics required the animal might be left where it was found and examined there or it can be taken back to a station for further analysis or in cases of significant interest (high value animals, serial poachers, etc) where a strong legal cases was needed the bodies would be sent to the US. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensic Lab but this would still be done from a station of some kind. So realistically you might have a poached wolf or something loaded up into a pickup truck and taken back to the warden/park police office. On that note has anyone looked into a good "pickup truck" script? If it was done similar to the flatbed truck delivery missions in the U.S. Army mod it might open up a lot of new potential variations on different calls, the pickup truck is truly the most widely used vehicle in rural emergency services...
  7. Its entirely possible they just don't have lights on it. It might not be a first out unit but it looks like its still rigged for wildland fires. Toss it in game without a lightbar if you want to be 100% faithful or tiddy it up to look cool, its your mod bro.
  8. Looks good! The second ones looks just retro enough
  9. One of my neighboring VFDs had something similar. It was just an SUV that they slapped some markings an a lightbar on it and they used it to haul people to training, to fire scenes and bring SCBAs and other stuff. I think a utility vehicle might fit in well. Might make sense to make it a trailer and just have it able to be pulled by POVs or the brush truck though if its a really small department. Another real world example I know of is that Shenandoah National Park used to have "mass casualty drums" which were 55 gallon drums (fuel cylinders) that were filled with equipment for mass casualty events (cots, tags, etc) staged around the park and in the event of a bus crash or something like that they'd send someone in a pickup truck to get the closest one.
  10. Ideas for rural area Person stuck underground: Collapsed well, cave, mine, etc. Person stuck above ground: hanging off crane or powerpole. Trench collapse Person pinned by vehicle (like TheBus) said. Tractor accident/MVA
  11. I suspect the most common technical rescue call you'd see is something with low-angle rescue like cars or injured people down embankments. Maybe you could make it Rescue-Hazmat and give it some hazmat abilities? Neither technical rescue or Hazmat are used that often in rural areas so it would make sense to combine them on one vehicle.
  12. Don't forget that a lot of rural areas are spread out enough that medical providers respond POV to medical calls to stabilize. Especially since this mod is portraying a rural area it wouldn't make sense to have anyone at the fire station unless maybe a chief/mechanic. Its entirely plausible for a town of 2,000 to have no one at the station most of the time. I'd personally suggest instead of a EMS SUV the mod just sticks with a rescue/brush that would have water, jaws and medical gear. Then maybe have the chief have a vehicle that's marked but that he/she uses as a personal vehicle while in the district so its on-map but not always at the station. That vehicle could have a EMS bag in it as well. In my opinion the things that will make this mod seem realistic to most rural VFD situations is: POVs, Few vehicles, few/random amounts of volunteers (loved that about the newest version), and a reliance on mutual aid from off-map. As for the requesting the jaws from another fire department its possible. In my area one fire district didn't have its own set for a while but they didn't have many extrication crashes either. I've also heard of requesting another set of jaws if there is a major wreck with multiple patients needing extrication. But since in EM4 extrication is done quickly (wonder if that can be changed) and each vehicle has a bottomless supply of the equipment it carries (20 firefighters can get the 20 jaws from the same truck) I don't see a reason to mutual aid for extrication in EM4. Water Rescue is its own thing, it would be easier/faster for the VFD to just get one of the members to bring their own (private) boat than to wait for one to come from another district. But since we're looking for a way to include off-map resources its really not a bad way to do it. Or you could have the boat resource come from another agency, sheriff or Montana fish and game or something similar. For the jump-pad I see the need for it in game due to specific events but in all actuality its not the sort of thing most VFDs carry unless they have a LOT of events that would require it. Its a cool thing but its just not used that often in the rural rescue service (or the American fire service in general for that matter). Most suicide attempts are either talked down, jump or are grabbed. In the game it seems like the sort of thing that might be part of a regional USAR squad (FEMA has ones all over in coordination with fire departments).
  13. We have the same sort of program for our county (1 ALS ambulance for 3 towns run by an ambulance service) but we don't have a dedicated vehicle, all our first responders (EMRs or EMTs) respond from home in their personal vehicles.
  14. Town of 500 resident here. In my town we have a medical clinic that people go to just like a doctor's office. The ambulances do not transport there and but on occasion do pick up people there. The closest hospital is 45 miles away and its tiny and not able to do very much but patients are transported there for things like broken bones or other minor stuff. Anything major (unknown difficulty breathing, cardiac, major trauma, etc) is taken to the hospital about an hour and a half away. The worst patients go by air to a major city hospital 2 or 3 hours (by ground) away. The ambulance comes from a free standing ambulance base in the next town south (1 ambulance, 1 medic, 1 EMT to cover 1 county including 3 small towns and an highway), all of the VFDs have landing pads for the helicopters. Our sheriff's department also picks up people without cars and drives them to the clinic in town sometimes for their doctor appointments but its definitely not somewhere an ambulance would take someone. That's how it works in my small town. However in some places like Grand Canyon National Park the ambulance takes patients to a small clinic that works more like a real ER (they have the ability to do a lot of stuff for trauma and cardiac, etc) that stabilizes them and they are then flown out by helicopter to a major city. I think the first example from my hometown is most relevant (I just wanted to include the other one to show that such a system does exist in some places) so you could have a clinic and have people need to be picked up there by ambulance. Or maybe have it be a mission for the sheriff's department to move people to the clinic (idk how to script that). But in the end its your mod, whatever it is will be great. I know many of us are just thrilled to have a small town represented.