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  1. Mayberry County [Released]

    I did and it worked.
  2. Its not unheard of, I'd say that a VFD in an area that remote would probably have automatic aid agreements with neighboring departments, that is unless the town was big enough to handle most calls. They might have agreements for special equipment like water or technical rescue or for things like ladder trucks.
  3. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    Got it! Enjoying it! Thanks for all your help folks.
  4. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    Yeah I've gotten to here before, I don't see the Airport one and the top two links are broken.
  5. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    Link does not work for me
  6. CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

    Hello, I'm trying to download this mod but when I go to the only link I can find I can't find the Airport mod, just the other mods. Any help? This is the link: (http://copenhagen-mod.dk/download-2/)
  7. In my experience the state laws are the law of course but individual fire chiefs also set their own standards. I've known of chiefs who didn't let any POVs run lights/sirens, I've known of chiefs who only let officers run l/s and some that only restricted l/s to junior firefighters (under 18).
  8. Mayberry County [Released]

    Sorry for bumping an old topic but does anyone have a link to a working Corona Pack for this mod (and others)? Yes I tried the search function, all the links I could find were broken. Thanks
  9. Pretty neat. Is the "change into hazmat suit and do hazmat stuff" option going to be for all firefighters or just an off map team? I know a lot of rural areas don't have much hazmat capability themselves and rely on regional teams or military for EOD.
  10. If I may make a suggestion: The mission script kinda idea is great, just please don't make it super specific to the point where we don't have freedom. So maybe more along the lines of "recover these items" instead of "dispatch this vehicle", that way we have a little more freedom in how to approach missions.
  11. State Park Rangers generally have less wide-ranging duties compared to NPS rangers. In most states they still have all the powers of law enforcement elsewhere but are less likely than NPS rangers to do EMS or firefighting and rescue.
  12. BTW National Park Rangers handle all law enforcement in National Parks so anything that the police would handle outside the park they handle inside the park (full authority, etc). For park-specific issues you have things like illegal camping, poaching, illegal timber harvesting (some fun possibilities with that one), human-animal encounters, violations of park-specific rules like quiet hours, illegal removal of historic artifacts and other stuff like that.
  13. Thanks for updating this, I was worried that you folks had all thrown in the towel on modding.
  14. [RELEASED][v2.0.5]Northview: South County

    Just downloaded and played this mod and I'm impressed! One suggestion I have is maybe in the future add back in a "call ambulance" command for cops or chiefs, I know the mod is meant for multiplayer but it would be a nice boost to us singleplayers.
  15. Mayberry County [Released]

    I had no clue that site existed thank you!