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  1. I'd vote to leave the heal script out. And those textures look great!
  2. Nice! Not asking for a date but do you have a general idea of what more needs to be done before a release?
  3. EMTs do vary from state to state with some states like New Jersey barley allowing their EMTs to do anything and some states like Montana allow their EMTs to do a lot more, Montana specifically recognizes 4 different levels of EMS provider and various endorsements. EMR (emergency medical responder, used to be called first responder) with possible endorsements to allow them to use pulse oximiters and naloxone (narcan) EMT (emergency medical technician) with possible endorsements for: medication administration, IVs/IOs, airway (allows the use of a King Tube) and naloxone (narcan), AEMT (Advanced emergency medical technician, can do basically all the stuff an EMT with all the endorsements can do) with possible endorsements for : medication administration (more meds) Paramedic (can do all the stuff of an AEMT plus additional) with possible endorsement for: Critical care (transfer of critical patents/more meds and equipment) https://leg.mt.gov/content/Committees/Interim/2017-2018/Economic-Affairs/Meetings/Nov-2017/EMT-scope-of-practice11-2017.pdf
  4. Oh yeah, multiple deer fit in the back of a pickup truck. Now the exact number of deer depends on type of deer (mule deer vs white tale, big buck vs small doe, ec). Also when you start getting into elk one elk can mostly fit in a pickup and Moose can fit but its a lot more of a struggle (and you need a big truck) http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/image.png.af2e511fe1981060e304261cee156786.png
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