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  1. Great work man! Looking forward to this vehicle pack! BTW if you're going for realism, the lights in the back window of the unmarked cars are blue and yellow not blue in red.
  2. The same problem is showing up in blender..
  3. Any idea if amount of polys may have an effect on this?
  4. Here are some pics of the new Pierce Tillers the LAFD has ordered. They are expected to enter service in March 2016. More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lafd/albums/72157660766907970
  5. So I put my model in the game and when I look at it the hose that is supposed to be yellow is red. The problem occurs only when I'm zoomed out, but when I zoom in the hose is yellow but with a red outline. Anyone know what might be causing this? http://postimg.org/image/3ssmw3y2j/
  6. The California Office of Emergency Services has provided the LAFD with 5 of these type 3 brush engines. All 5 are exactly alike and will not be re-painted or heavily modified due to them still technically being property of the state. Also the department has implemented 2 "Fast Response Vehicles". The FRV is a quad-cab pickup truck/brush patrol that functions as both a fire-suppression vehicle and first-response Advanced Life Support unit. One FRV is based in the Valley and the other serves the Downtown area during peak weekday hours to provide flexible fire and EMS response in some of the City’s busiest areas.The FRV carries all the equipment and medical supplies of a paramedic Mobile Intensive Care Unit and is also equipped with a 300 gallon water tank with pumping capacity.Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lafd/sets/72157660325030610
  7. For what it's worth, LAPD is using the new Ford Interceptor Utility and the Sedan. And as for keeping it private, go ahead and do that. Wouldn't be the first time you let the community down. For the rest of you that would like updated LAFD and LAPD units, check out what me and the NYCERU team are working on. (I've updated the topic so ignore the previous comments!)
  8. Can I change my name to Engine81 please.
  9. I will most likely be doing it as I have stopped the em4 version in anticipation of em5.
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