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  1. New York City Modification

  2. Expanded Freeplay 1.4

  3. i need fast help please .e4p problem

    See this post
  4. Norway Mod (RELEASED)

    This is excellent. I only noticed units responding at times got confused in traffic. Mostly south of the police station.
  5. Enjoying spring in Texas

  6. Enjoying spring in Texas

  7. DID you know this about MY country?

    My country's flag is officially No. 70180 Old Glory Red, No. 70001 White, and No. 70075 Old Glory Blue going by the Standard Color Cards of America. Can you guess what country I am in? rofl On another note. French did not really surrender. They fight my way. Ever here of the French Resistance? lol
  8. Manhattan Modification General Topic

    Looks great to me. You folks are excellent.
  9. Oldest and Newest Truck in Your City

    My home town of Bristol Pa. has an old 1957 Ahrens Fox Pumper not in active service. I have seen 2 more one in NH and another in SC both of those where still in service. If I understand correctly only 6 where ever made. I would love to see the other 3.
  10. Manhattan Modification General Topic

    Looking great! Drooling already. The engine 7 thing. I have no idea of the make however I have seen an engine live where it looks tall and skinny. In fact if you placed it on the side it would look the right dimensions. My guess for small town with small streets?
  11. Remarkable talent hiding?

    That was my thought. Exactly! Something like this.
  12. The skinning contest!

    Done. Great work. Hard choose however I lean to the UN military Police.
  13. Manhattan Modification General Topic

    Checked out Post 1 already. Trying to find the poll someone mentioned though. Static traffic for TS did you mean human or car? Human I would think static for the most part maybe a few wanderers. Car traffic I would say flow. Lots of flow.

    I never noticed the battle in here rofl. I should have read through the topic more. I do love this post though. Next time I get on the topic of knives with scouts I am going to show this picture off for some humor.
  15. Never Forget 9/11

    That is pretty neat. Eventually however we will forget and history will repeat. As an American I can say we have one major fault "We never want what we have". More security <->less security. More government help <-> less government. Catch terrorists <-> just don't detain or kill them. Investigate suspects vigorously by any means <-> respect their constitutional rights. ah and my favorite! Retaliate <-> just don't go to war or kill anyone. rofl