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  1. Download link fix and have fun with it guy http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png
  2. I just updated to V2.0 and compatible with LA mod v2.1 and Additional Units Submod V1.3. Have Fun
  3. Sorry Guy this mod cannot be update anymore cause i no longer have 911FR on my pc and this topic will be locked soon.Thank you for your support.....
  4. can u change other uploaded ?? malaysia cant download thing from megaupload..... if can pls use http://www.4shared.com/ thk
  5. Enjoy the New LAFD Engine 7 and 88 rear LED Lightbar
  6. well is time to play back EM4 / 911FR cause it is moddable
  7. Hi i got make a submod for LA Mod in submod topic that is change car to LED Lightbar LAPD Ford CV LED lightbar Submod there is LED lightbar for CHP
  8. If i not wrong is Ford F350 super duty
  9. 1.You can copy the unit you want but some unit need scripts,Specs and some more to get them work on the games. 2.This mod replace some unit and add some new unit. New Unit: LAPD Patrol 2 and 3 CHP Patorl 2 EMS Car 2 ALS Ambulance2 MX7000 Replace Unit: ALS Amblulace* Brush Patorl* Fire Engine 1 and 2* Heavy Equipment Vehicles* Dozer Transporter Truck Engineer Vehicle Tow Truck 2 (AUS only) * Has Backup included in Download Edit: got question need fast ask i going to NS soon noone will update this topic no more question to be ans cause i have no time more i going to report in saturday morning.
  10. Not all the submod is compatible with LA Mod v2.0.2 and i think u need to read before instill them.
  11. Well time to update your LA mod 2.0.2 patch or your AUS 1.2(Additional Units Submod 1.2 only compatible with v2.0.2 of the Los Angeles Mod) submod SWAT SUV was fix in 1.1 and the patch is hard to find so update to AUS 1.2 all thing will be work fine.
  12. Well i belive most of the ppl will choose LED cause MX7000 too many in the game that why i make ford cv LED lightbar submod
  13. if u didnt update u cant see some car in games LA mod 2.0.2 u cant see the new LAPD Helicopter AUS 1.2 u cant see the new LASD Helicopter and CHP Helicopter if u not using 1.8
  14. Good New i haven't go and LA Mod V2.02 has release so i will update V1.8 to compatible with LA mod v2.02 and Additional Units Submod V1.2. By the way LAPD SUV,LASD Hummer H2 and Rescue Dog SUV will not seen in next patch V1.8 . And V1.8 has Released
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