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  1. I think i'm just going to re-install the game. It would just take too long to try and find every file that was altered in the game data.
  2. Hello all, I recently decided that I wanted a change of scenery and decided to remove one of the mods I regularly play. I used mod installer to remove Manhattan Modification (2016 Update) which ran its uninstall and stated it was successful. When i load the game the mod still shows as an option for mods. The mod is not present in my mods folder and the mod-installer does not show the mod as being installed. I'm not sure where to go from here.
  3. Do you have any modding skills or experience or is this just an idea?
  4. No it's still a work in progress.
  5. Station27

    Harbor City 5

    Not sure if this has already been fixed, the top of Rescue 2 Department is missing the M.
  6. Post a screenshot of your skins so the community can see your skill level.
  7. Maybe go for a more rural look, and change up the models a little. You could bring back the commercial cab engines so that each engine is different. Also maybe expand on the Law Enforcement aspect, add another Police agency such as State Police. Also regarding the Law Enforcement maybe change the models of the Patrols so that aren't all Taurus's. Just those couple of changes would completely change the mod imo.
  8. The wheels on that Rescue look a little small imo. Maybe wanna resize them. Other than that skins look good.
  9. If I remember correctly the LA Mod has a similar concept with Fire Station 1 where you can have either the Tower Ladder or Tiller in the same bay along with any of the ALS ambulances can park in the ambulance bay. Seems like all you would have to do is make the units you would call for a change of quarters a vo box for that bay. In my county in Rural Upstate NY upon the receipt of any Fire involving a structure (Building Fire, Chimney Fire, Smoke Investigation) the Home Department where the Fire is occurring has a Full Response of all Apparatus then you receive 2 Engine Companies, 2 Tankers, 1 Truck Company, and 1 ALS Ambulance from neighboring departments. Then for each subsequent alarm you receive an additional Engine Company, and Tanker.
  10. Yes you can send the Volunteers home you have them take off their gear and click on them again and click Go Home command.
  11. I fixed my issue I had to put a command line into my game directory setting my available video memory
  12. In my department we carry Jaws on our first due Engine, you never know when an MVA will turn into a vehicle fire.
  13. Hopefully someone on here can help me. I recently downloaded Grand Theft Auto: IV from amazon online. I installed the game and I have a problem, the loading screen is stuck on a continuous loop. I have read on several GTA forums, watched several videos on youtube and I've tried all the recommended fixes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled about 6 times. I've added a command line to my GTA IV folder, i've tried setting my available vid memory. Nothing seems to work, if anyone can help or has had a similar issue any help would be appreciated. I'd hate to waste $40.00 and not be able to use the game.
  14. Your very welcome. Thank you for the dedication and hard work you put into this mod. I sent you the bug report I included any bugs I have found just incase anyone else hasn't reported them.
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