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  1. Version V 1.0


    SIREN PACK NUMBER 3 Edited to work best with LA Mod! This one is my personal Favorites as it isn't only 1 Siren. It includes Several Different Sirens Inside the download Folder is a Readme. Read it for Installation Instructions Video Demonstration Coming Soon! Thankyou
  2. Oh, Well I ended up buying EM 2016 for £4.99. Must be becasue I owned EM5. But why sell it defferently if its also an update in EM5? Confusing but nvm.
  3. What I don't understand is that they say it is an Update for EM5 yet you have to pay £20 for the damn thing.
  4. Please can someone change my Username to FamousBasic13 please? Thankyou
  5. Sorry, there is too much background noise I can do it if you find a vid with less background noise
  6. Hi All, Im back from school now and Im free for Requests on Sirens. here are my First two Siren Mods: 1. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/564-new-2014-us-nation-wide-sirens-carson-sa441/ 2. http://forum.emergency-planet.com/files/file/565-whelen-295sla100-sirens/ Feel Free to request any Siren mod below but if you do, this is what i need: 1. At least 2 Different video links of the siren 2. which country it is used in Thanks Guys (Im waiting.......)
  7. I created a texture for the Dodge Durango but when I put the vehicle folder into my mod folder, it doesnt show up in the editor? Thanks Henry
  8. Hello, I have finally been able to release these custom sirens for the community, read the README for installation issues! http://www.4shared.com/zip/g-00psBCce/Siren_Mod_Pack.html Credits - tambola (me)
  9. If there is an issue with my new "Whelen 295SLA100 Siren" Mod please let me know. I submitted this file due to a request at least a month and a half ago? Just wondering whats wrong with my mod? Regards Henry
  10. Version V1.0


    Self made sirens from a Whelen 295SLA100 Goes best with the Miami mod and Los Angeles Mod but still works great in all others! Enjoy!
  11. Version v1.0


    All sirens were made from my own personal Carson SA441, V1.0 All Unit Categories i.e Police - Fire- EMS --Have different sirens!!! Enjoy!
  12. looks great, i love the way the police ambulance and fire keep doors open when at the scene
  13. Nice work guys the mod is progresing well Will the mod have fire fighters with medic unit like in la mod.
  14. nice mod guys i think u are doing an amazing job
  15. are u going to add riot police?????????????
  16. I was very sad when the mod was on paused but when u opened it me smile came back! GREAT NEWS Glad to hear
  17. No mate what are u doing pls dont close the mod noooooooooooooooooooooooo
  18. Really but what type of missions? looks great progress!!!!!! tambola
  19. amazing how fast u are doing the amazing mod keep up the brilliant work Kind regards Tambola
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