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  1. I really hope that it's just youtube that messed up... With this it sounds waaay to distorted atm.
  2. Nice! Reminds me of this little engine http://www.katonahfd.org/content/apparatus/file/Mini Attack 15.cfm
  3. Which vehicle are you trying to change? Except for some Police cars and two engines, every vehicle has their own base model with the corresponding doors.
  4. ... both? That's a hard one - I would take the top variant because the color is not that common.
  5. That's weird. Does it also crash without the translations?
  6. What are your sytem specs? On weaker systems the mod may crash on load or when initializing the vehicles...
  7. Looks like a nightmare to drive thanks to the mid-control pump and the long wheelbase... http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png
  8. Do you happen to have the link to the vid you mentioned? I looked up the name and found a yt-channel with some videos of mods. - Stadtfeld Mod -> available in the German Em4-Community (https://www.emergency-forum.de/filebase/index.php?entry/1696-stadtfeld-modifikation-version-8-2-5/) - BF Sittingen Mod -> The original mod was uploaded somewhere - BF Schwabenstadt > not released.
  9. If you want to save some lines in the script you could use the following lines of code instead of the many if-cases after line 112 of your current version ( // Hier die const char Namen von oben eintragen wie in den beiden Beispielen unten.) Simply replace the if-cases with these lines and name your audio files like the corresponding prototype of the vehicle. char SoundName[255]; snprintf(SoundName, 255, "mod:Audio/FX/Sirens/%s.wav", v.GetPrototypeName()); soundID = Audio::PlaySample3D(SoundName, CarPos, true); With this, you won't need to add a new if-case for every prototype. Simply add a new audio file to your folder and name it the same as the displayed name of the vehicle in the editor. (The one in the top bar, not the prototypename itself). If you have any questions, ask here or send me a PM!
  10. For the rotoray: Animated child with some good timed lights? Would be the only solution I can think of in regard of the lighting system in Em4. Nevertheless, I'm happy to hear that you're still working on the mod!
  11. iirc ERS Berlin had some sort of animal scripts where you had to capture a lost dog and you coult put him in a fire truck. I'm not sure if it also applies to dead animals tho...
  12. .rar is the same as .zip. Unpack into the mod directory and you're all set http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_wink.png
  13. Have you tried using two virtual objects? One on each side of the track and only covering one lane? Then the cars wouldn't stop in the middle of the crossing.
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