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  1. Hello my name is huki and I would have make a mod from one little town in croatia.The town is called Sveta Nedelja. The mod will be have a one fire department, 2 volunteer fire department, ambulance, police, and moore. Here are some pitcur of firefighting vechile:
  2. I have skill with skin.I need help with making maps, modelling, and scripting.I arleady have a lot of vechile done ambulance, police, and firefighter.I thing to make a mod from local volunteer firefighter station.
  3. Hello my name is huki and I am looking a Mod team who will help me with making mod for emergency 4.
  4. Yes that is my modell and I was made it yesterday in morning.
  5. Hello my name is huki.Can enyone help me to make a map of this town for my mod.https://www.google.hr/maps/place/Zabok/@46.0251754,15.8871704,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4765e8119665dea5:0xba9da0dfb9734b57!8m2!3d46.0258983!4d15.9038091?dcr=0. And where I can found a fire station garage for my firestation.
  6. huki


    No emergency 5 .It will be a emergency 4.
  7. huki


    I have change something.The mod wont be of my birth place it will be from one different town.I will be creating a realistic one.I will do a skin of some vechile and modell a fire station, hospital, police station, schools, shoping centre,I have talents with skining, and adding linghts.I always want to make a mod for emergency 4.And I am looking for house modeller, map skinner.And someone who wiill add a mision into freeplay map and who will do a script. And actualy I have arleady make some vechile.You can see it here: http://www.emergency-forum.de/index.php?thread/64833-croatia-mod-new/.
  8. huki


    I will be make a mod of my birthplace volunteer fire department or something else town.
  9. huki


    Hello my name is huki.And I am looking for a leader, skinner, mapper, scripter and modellbuilder to help me with making mod.
  10. huki

    Making mods.

    Would someone help me to finish my mod for emergency 4.Please.
  11. Do you maybe know making mod for emergency 4.

  12. huki

    Making mod

    where are the tutorials .
  13. huki

    Making mod

    Can someone help me to create mod for emergency 4 please.
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