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  1. A week, maybe a bit more depending on my schedule. However if there's an opening in my time, I could create the vehicle in a single day. Even though it will add about a week go for it as it will give more units to use Also nice work with the mod can’t wait for the release.
  2. For now it will stay privet This mod is still in the works
  3. Nice work guys nice to see some people still working in the community to bring us mods. Credits to you and the team
  4. Well I am back in the modding community I had a brake but it time for me to come back this mod will continue http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/emoticons/default_schreiben.gif Over the next few days I will be getting back in to the swing of things and starting back up moding.
  5. Now you just give me a idea for a privet project doing that. As I like doing crazy stuff like that
  6. If there is a spanner were the logo is that means the mod as not installed correctly
  7. Fearfax is a fictional town that has a population of around 8000 it has 4 stations station 1 Lader 42 Engine 52 Tanker 94 Chef 51 Station 2 TBD Station 3 TBD Station 4 Utilty 73 Truck 32 Team Me-lead developer i might look people to help me eventually.
  8. Sounds good? If you need any help just pm me
  9. I might have a script you can use. All you have to do is follow the reed me file which will show you what to change to Mack it fit your mod. Just let me know if your interested and ill pm you Callum
  10. As on YouTube people have been asking to see some Kent mod 0.6 and I prefer the map.
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