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  1. Scotland Mod V1.01

    Scotland Mod V1.01New Lights..New Sirens..Skin UpdatesHope You Like The Updates.Also 2 New Vehicles Coming Within 2 Weeks They Are Just Getting Added Into The Game.Thanks To The Team And Also Some Modelers Who Let Me Use There Models.Hope You Enjoy It.Stay Tuned On Here For The Next Update Soon!UkMod999



  2. Boston Mod reskins

    Boston mod reskins



  3. + Units Submod for LA mod

    + Units Submod for Los Angeles mod 2.0 version 1.1It works with AUS Units in this version:-McCormick Ambulance-Border Patrol Crown Victoria(LED and Vector version)-USCG Truck-California Highway Patrol Mobile Command Post-CHP Charger(in white)-LAPD Smart For2More Info : you find bugs post them in the link next to "More Info"Enjoy



  4. Firefighter with Gallet F1 Helmet

    i've made a modified version of the normal firefighter, this includes a new helmet and SCBA gear.



  5. Glendale Mod Reskins v.1.5

    For la mod New SkinsParamedicsUSAR SquadAll original skins included!Install info in readmeOriginal LA mod skins by hoppah and LA mod teamFor screenshot click picture.Sorry its really small but when you click it it gets alot bigger.



  6. Expanded Freeplay 1.4

    This is the fifht and last edition of the Expanded Freeplay serie.Here is continued on the road works and here added some roadsigsn.These roadsing are dutch roadsigns and it is a good combination with Ducht mods.(You don't have to add these roadsigns in your mod!)More informatie on http://www.joopjr.nl/em/news.php. (this site's language is Dutchs, but English is no problem)Here you also can post bugs and your idea's for Expanded Freeplay.



  7. Enhanced Supervisor (Los Angeles Dispatcher)

    Download works fine. Not broken.(11/27/2014)
    For those of you who enjoy playing this game and using all the mods created by many other cool people on this forum. Here's yet another change you can make to the regular version of the EM4/911 FR(not the Deluxe version). I have enjoyed this game immensely and have really appreciated the mods created by others but I really couldn't get into the cartoonish supervisor who dispatched the calls for us to send units to. So, I decided to make a few changes to the "Supervisor" to suit my liking and hopefully add more Los Angeles-style realism to the game. So I have made it available for your enjoyment too. I listened to everyone's suggestions and recommendations and came up with second or enhanced version of the supervisor Video/Audio. I hope you like it. The changes:- Replaced the original British supervisor video with various dispatchers representative of Los Angeles (e.g. various people, video clips from 911 dispatch centers, ringing phones sound affects, etc)- I cleaned up the audio quality of the communications.- Included actual engine company names.- Updated a few radio codes used in the Los Angeles area Engine - fire engineSquad - squad truckSpecial Ops - USARRescue - ambulanceMCU - mass casualty unitRP - reporting party (civilian making the 911 call) Code 37 - stolen vehicle415 - public disturbance451 - arson488 - petty theft211 - robbery240 - assault How to install itThe files need to be copied into the Data/Lang/us/supervisor folder. It will overwrite the other files. Or you can simply just remove the original files, back them up and add the new ones. That's it. (All you're essentially doing is copying all my video files to that folder in the path mentioned above.) I used Premiere Elements to change the audio and video. I'm not sure how you would do this in any other DVD or video authoring application. File Specs:Video: 160x128 (so that it will fit inside the little screen that used to show the supervisor)Video format: MPG 1Audio: MPEG 1 Layer II, mono Additional Notes:It is also worth noting that this "Supervisor Mod" simulates Dispatch for the City of Los Angeles and technically not a Mod by the usual definition because the change affects the Freeplay section of the game including other installed Mods. So, instead of hearing and seeing the British guy, you'll experience a more realistic Los Angeles style dispatcher with background noise, phones ringing, and an American dispatcher. But, people seem to like it and request a version for the Deluxe EM4 which may come at a later point in time... This "modification" only applies to the EM4/911 First Responder version and NOT the Deluxe version. I'm not very good at this and I'm not sure if everyone will be satisfied (I'm not perfect) but hopefully you will like it and it will make your play more enjoyable. The files are compressed using the standard Windows Compression program. You just need to unzip them. PERMISSION: Feel free to use this in your mod if you wish. The only thing I ask is that you give props to whom it's due, namely me (Kareem).



  8. Flevopoldermod Skins

    De flevopolder mod is gestopt! Als kleine troost hier toch nog een paar skins



  9. Updated California Sirens

    Summary:For those of you who enjoy playing this game and using all the mods created by many other cool people on this forum. People have asked for me to recreate the sirens adding more California realism to the wails, yelps, and so forth. There's even the ambient affect where the sirens sound like when you hear them in a downtown area. The sirens include horn blasts and reving engine sounds to make the sounds more believable therefore a more emersed experience. Each set of sirens are correctly matched with the agency that usually uses them in the state of California.How to install itThe files need to be copied into the Mod/Los Angeles Mod v2.0/Audio/Fx/sirens folder. It will overwrite the other files. Or you can simply just remove the original files, back them up and add the new ones. That's it.Note: The files are compressed using the standard Windows Compression program. You just need to unzip them.



  10. IFD's light mod

    a light mod for emergency 4.



  11. 911 First Responders Registry Fix

    I brought my version of the game from amazon. I was not able to get the Modinstaller to work. I searched the forum for a fix after I applied the fix, I saw others where still having a problem. Here is the file if your game is from Wizard Works and you are running Windows 7, and on a 64 bit system.
    (David White, on 27 Dec 2013 - 11:47 PM, said:
    I'm running 64-bit anyway to fix and
    I'm using windows 7
    Games bought from steam)
    If anyone is still having this problem, here is a solution. I had brought my game from amazon. Here is the file if your game is from Wizard Works and you are running Windows 7, and on a 64 bit system. If it opens in notepad when you double-click it, right click it and choose open with Registry Editor.



  12. ERS Berlin Add-On I Real Hearse - echter Leichenwagen

    ERS Berlin Add-On Real Hearse (no "FUN"-Vehicle)
    Skin of a real Hearse in Berlin/ ein echter Leichenwagen Berlins Skin of a real plastic coffin for murdered human bodies/ ein echter Plastiksarg für Unfalltote, bzw. ermordete Leichen original skins to change included/ Originalskins mit enthalten



  13. English 1.2.rar

    English translation for the RTS mod.



  14. Los Angeles Mod Super Freeplay [NewHappyRabbit]

    My nickname is NewHappyRabbit (thats why I changed the author)
    This is Super freeplay mod for LA 2.5
    Added:U.S.A National Guard Base
    Technical Base
    Police Department parking is full with cop cars, swat vans, motorcycles, bomb squads, Unmarked vehichles, Dog leaders and others
    Hospital parking is full with Ambulances, EMS Supervisors car, Coroners vans, Mass Casualty unit, SAR Dog Vehicles and others
    Fire Department parking is full with LAFD Engines, LAFD Aerial Ladder Truck, LAFD Tiller Truck, LAX Crash 80, USFS Utility Truck, USFS Engine and others
    Gameplay Video:
    . Video made by em4modfreak



  15. IFDs la mod lights

    A la mod small light mod for 2.0



  16. Traffic Lights Tutorial eng

    Tutorial on how to add traffic lights to on a map!



  17. NYC mod lights

    Updated lights for the NYC mod right now I have all of the units done.


    Fire Department: 100%

    EMS: 100%

    police: 100%

    Tec: 100%



  18. Los Angeles Mod Freeplay

    You Will Need
    LA Mod 2.0 police unit upgrade




  19. Blue light mod la mod

    this is for la mod 2.0



  20. SCPD Submod

    place this in the mods section



  21. Emergency 4 light mod 1.0

    This mod has updated lights for the original game.



  22. Supervisor Bamberg mod 2.0

    Supervisor for Freeplay



  23. Squad 55 City Stations

    This is the map from Squad 55, a 911 First Responders/Emergency 4 gaming clan. This map has been under lock and key for everyone except their members. To get access to this map you will have to "watch" 3 of their games AND wait 1 week to get access to it.
    This map is made solely for multiplayer proposes, as single player cannot work as the scripts for it aren't the same.
    To install : Just drag the folder from the .rar into your mod folder. There is no complicated installation, no .exes to run. Just a folder move.
    This map has full working "Go to station" scripts, however at some stations (3 and 5) parking the units is sometimes a tassel.
    Info: This map is v2.4 of the map that has been worked on since 2009. It consists of 7 stations in the map. By default, all PD calls have been disabled unless you go to the "challenge" mode. It also consists of their own textures and sirens. According to the squad 55 district map, there is 3 districts. Usually 3-4 people playing. If 4 people are playing standard mode, they each divide up the districts. "East" district will have Station 1 and Station 2, "West" District has Station 3 and Station 7, "South" district has Station 4, Station 5, and Station 6. Each player in a 4 player game gets 1 district each while the 4th player gets EMS. Should 3 players be playing each player handles everything in their own district.
    Station Listings:
    Station 1: Engine 1 Ladder 1 Medic 1
    Station 2: Engine 2 Rescue 2 Medic 2 Marine 2 Crane 2(called in, but parked manually)
    Station 3: Engine 3 Squad 3 Medic 3
    Station 4: Engine 4 Ladder 4 Medic 4
    Station 5: Engine 5 Medic 5 Medic 6
    Station 6: Foamer 5 Foamer 6 Hazmat 6
    Station 7: Foamer 7 Foamer 8 Hazmat 7
    NOTE: Due to EM4 multiplayer restrictions, only the host can send people up into the second floor of buildings, if someone other than the host attempts, the FF will get stuck permanently, unless the host retrieves the FF after being downed by police. Due to a bug with the automatic heal with the LA mod script, If you have a Firefighter(FF) with a hose line near a downed person and no other FF is tending to the patient with a EMT bag, the FF with the hose line will glitch and have a medbag and a hose line at the same time. Only fix for this is shooting the FF with police and remove him from the scene. Another bug present is when changing into SCBA gear on the units, you will lose all the buttons and movement capabilities of that unit. The fix is to have a FF change out of their gear at the unit and change back into it, this fixes the problem.
    Each engine comes with only 3 FFs, Ladder comes with 3 also, Rescue 2/Squad 3 is the same as well. Medics come equipped with 1 FF with medbag and 1 stretcher team. Foamer units come with 2 FF's with SCBA gear on already. And the Hazmat units have 6 people in them



  24. EM4 units update mod v1.0

    emergency 4 updated units V1.2 coming soon!



  25. RTS Bieberfelde English Translation v1.8

    English translation v1.8 for the RTS Mod.




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