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All tools needed for modding can be found in here

12 files

  1. Blender V3O Import/Export Scripts

    This is an alternative download for the Blender V3O import/export scripts listed here: http://www.emergency-planet.com/topic/20108-blender-v3o-importexport-scripts/
    Thanks goes to THVFD for his patience while I bugged him with all my Zmodeler2 questions.
    Requires Blender v2.7
    These scripts are licensed under the GNU GPL v2.0 license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.txt).
    Any use of these scripts and resulting actions is at the sole-risk of the user! I have done my best to ensure the scripts work as intended, but it's a good idea to keep back-up copies of models, textures, and any other data before use of these scripts.
    Current Features and Supported Functions:
    Import/Export Mesh Vertices/Faces
    Import/Export Materials
    Import/Export UV Mapping
    Code comments! (not the best, but I'll try to keep it somewhat documented for those who'd like to help improve it or understand what I've learned about the v3o format so far)
    Known Bugs:
    B001 - Can't export unless the model is uv unwrapped. - Fixed
    B002 - Can't export an imported .v3o model when a texture image fails to load. A texture image can fail to load when it doesn't exist in the imported .v3o file directory.
    Fixed Bug #001 Added a ton of comments and removed some uneeded code  
    If y'all have any issues with the script or find any bugs, let me know here. If you are able to send me (via PM) any models/textures/.blend/.v3o files you are having issues with, I can hopefully recreate the specific bug on my end to work on a fix a little faster.
    If you have any feature requests, by all means ask! I can't guarantee anything but you never know till you try.
    1. Extract the "io_mesh_v3o.zip" file.
     You should have a directory called "io_mesh_v3o" with four files inside. The file names are "__init__.py", "export_v3o.py", "import_v3o.py", and "License.txt".
    2. Open the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.73\" directory in Windows Explorer.
    3. If it doesn't already exsist, you need to create a folder named "scripts". Inside of the scripts folder, create another folder called "addons".
    4. Move the "io_mesh_v3o" folder into the "addons" directory. The four files referenced above should now be in the "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.73\scripts\addons\io_mesh_v3o" folder.
    5. Start Blender up, and goto "File->User Preferences".
    6. In the User Preferences window, goto the "Add-ons" section and search for "v3o".
    7. Enable the v3o add-on by checking the box on the far right. You can save the setting by clicking "Save User Settings".
    That's it! The Import/Export options should now be available in the Blender File menu.



  2. Hoopah's Animation Converter Tool + Documentation.

    This is Hoppah's Animation Converting tool meant to aid in creating the animation data and converting it.  This is designed to be used with MS Office though note: it does not work with the latest versions of MS office due to changes MS did with the Macro system, I believe it has to be MS office versions prior to 2010.



  3. Photoshop .dds plugin

    This is the plugin for use Photoshop, with this plugin you'll be able to open .dds files with Photoshop



  4. .dds Converter

    With this program you can convert different image file types to .dds or convert .dds fiels to other image types.



  5. EM4 Packer Utility

    This utility allows you to pack/unpack .v3o, .dds, and .script files both individually and in bulk.
    What does it do exactly?
    Well, this utility makes packing/unpacking files in emergency 4 much faster. Previously, in order to pack or unpack a file, you had to launch the editor and unpack each file individually. It was a time consuming process. Additionally, Emergency 4 supports the compression ("packing") of .dds texture files and .script files. To pack these files in the editor, you would have to change their extension to .v3o, then use the editor to pack them, and then change the extension from .v3o to whatever type of file it was to begin with. This was an even more annoying process.
    This utility allows you to pack or unpack individual files and entire folder and subfolders. What used to take forever, now takes a matter of seconds.
    What is Packing and what is it good for?
    Packing a file takes the contents of a file and compresses it using a compression algorithm to produce a file which is smaller and uses less space on your hard drive. The Los Angeles Mod v2.1, when completely unpacked, takes up approximately 400MB of space on disk. When completely packed (all .v3o, .dds, and .script packed), the mod only consumes about 310MB which is about a 24% reduction in file size. This test is not to say all uses will result in a space savings of 24%, however significant savings can be seen especially in modification that use high resolution models, textures, or are script heavy.
    So Packing files saves me disk space. What's the trade off?
    The trade off is definitely in initial mod loading time. If you start your computer and launch an Emergency 4 Modification, you will notice that it always takes up to twice as long to load a mod the first time. With a fully packed Los Angeles Mod, it took approximately 22% longer to load the fully packed version than it did to load the fully unpacked version (an average of 3 trials was used). The time it took to load Freeplay on a fully packed Los Angeles Mod v2.1 Mod was also effected and found to load 32% slower than a fully unpacked version.
    So packing my files saves disk space but also makes my game load slower...lame!
    This is an overly simplified view of the situation. In testing with the Los Angeles Mod v2.1, only the FIRST LOAD of the modification was effected. Thanks to caching, all subsequent loads of the modification and loads into free play saw no significant difference in time between the fully packed mod and the fully unpacked version. Plus, a difference of 32% in loading freeplay may not be all that significant for your system. In my case, that 32% difference between freeplay load times was a matter of 12 seconds. However since load times are relative to each individual's hardware, that 32% may be more significant. (ie. If it takes you 3 minutes to load a mod, that 32% could mean it could take up to an additional minute to load). The decision is yours to weigh.
    Okay, enough talk and stats and junk...how do I use the darn thing?
    I've made a whole video on how to use it.

    This is a command line utility! It must be run through the command prompt!
    If your game is installed in your Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder, you MUST run your command prompt as administrator!
    How to pack individual files:
    > em4packer -pack "C:\path\to\file.v3o" "C:\path\to\file2.dds" ...-or-> em4packer -pack file1.v3o myscript.script "My Model 1.v3o" ...*Spaces are considered separators between arguments. If your file name or path to your file name has ANY SPACES in it, you need to surround it with double quotes ".
    To unpack an individual file, the command is the same as above except for the changing of the "-pack" for a "-unpack".
    > em4packer -unpack "C:\path\to\file.v3o" "C:\path\to\file2.dds" ...-or-> em4packer -unpack file1.v3o myscript.script "My Model 1.v3o" ...
    To pack ALL selected files within a folder (including all sub-folders) the commands are a bit different.
    > em4packer -dir -pack -files=v3o,dds,script "C:\path\to\em4\mods\mymod"-or-> em4packer -dir -unpack -files=v3o "C:\path\to\em4\mods\mymod"
    "-dir" tells the packer that we are in directory packing mode not individual file packing mode. "-pack" states that we want to pack the files. To unpack the files, used "-unpack" instead. "-files=" tells which kind of files we want to process. You can select any combination of v3o, dds, and script separated by commas NO SPACES.
    That's it! I hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know if there are any bugs or if you know any improvements.
    This utility requires that you have Java 6 or greater installed on your PC. It will not work without Java.



  6. WinRAR

    WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, decompress RAR,ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. You can try WinRAR before buy, its trial version is available in downloads.



  7. GIMP - Graphics Program

    Hello,Here I've got a program for you people that is quite good to use for skinning...I don't use it but many people do.And I've heared it's good!You could just use it for other things too if you like...Regards, Maffegozer.



  8. Photofilter Studio - Graphics Program

    Hello,Another program which is quite good to use for skinning or any other stuff you want to do...I use it. And it works good...Standard file is the English version...FOr other languages:Download one of the files stated here:Here!Just follow instructions stated on the website...Note: You will need the standard english pack too, since those are only language packs!Standard English comes with a setup...Regards, Maffegozer.



  9. VLC Player

    A multimedia player which can play almost every multimedia file.



  10. Emergency 4 Resolution changer

    This program is simple - it change em4.cfg resolution value.
    Tested on Emergency 4, I am sure it works on 911 first responders version too.
    I included source code, written in Visual Basic.
    Virus test:
    Have fun



  11. Microsoft DirectX

    This is a copy of the MS direct-x runtimes that are required for older games, including EM4, this file should be used if you have a fresh install of a newer windows (not an upgrade) as the newer windows (vista/7/8) do not come with all required files for older game compatibility. I did not create this file it is provided by Microsoft but has been uploaded here for ease of locating the file.
    Execute and extract the files to a folder somewhere on your machine and run DXSETUP.exe
    This should give your directx copy the missing files which are required for older games that run DX9, if you encounter other issues with the game not operating ask on the forum under technical support for further Assistance.



  12. Emergency 4 Configurator

    The Emergency 4 Configurator is a tool designed to modify the Emergency 4, Emergency 4 Deluxe and 911: First Responders configuration files.
    The tool provides easy access to freeplay events, screen resolution, camera angles and graphics tweaks.
    After this is released, additional modding features will be added later in the form of a second, more advanced program. This program will make it easy to insert new vehicles, missions and more.
    Please visit the forum post to leave comments or bug reports.
    I hope you enjoy using my software!



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