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I can't play EM4 anymore

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The game stars as well, the intro and menu are good. But when I play  (no matter what type of play) I can't move any units, the cursor doesn't even appear on the screen neither the menus, and the dispatcher screen appears only in black. I can't interact with anything as I don't have cursor neither the buttons work.

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Can you take a screenshot of this happening? Or a phone pic of the screen if you can't manage that? I have an inkling that this has to do with your graphics settings (especially if you've got an AMD card) but it's hard to tell for sure. 

Can you also post a logfile from the session in question, and either your specs, or ideally your dxdiag? (start > DxDiag > Save all Information) 

If you are running AMD, go into your AMD control panel (right click your desktop and click the AMD icon) and disable all controls for the AMD game. Additionally try lowering your graphics settings, try medium, and try low. That MIGHT help. Without seeing your specs and the exact issue, that's the best shot in the dark I can come up with. 

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