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Problem with collision (?)

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Hello, I think I have a little problem with collisions (green lines). If I choose the vehicle, for example 491 [N] 21, which consists of two sections (cabin and bodywork), the green lines cover the entire vehicle (see screen 1). If I added a bodywork to another vehicle, the previous editor is marked with green lines only the cabin (see screen 2). How do I get the entire vehicle selected? Sorry, my English is not very good. I use a translator.

Screen 1.jpg

Screen 2.jpg

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Unfortunately, I recommend you do real work on the model. You must attach the parts to the model in a 3D software of some kind and export it back out in a completed form.

Doing child objects will cause problems ingame with commands not working when clicked over a unit. Using child objects for rears and other major components is bad modding practice, in my opinion.

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