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Modifications for campaigns

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Hello, so far I have been writing scripts for free play, but together with people who help me create mods, we decided that we would like to try to do something for campaigns.

Hence my question if there are many differences and how difficult is it to change "habits" from freeplay programming.

If you have any advice or any guides and documentation other than the SDK of the game, please send it in the thread 

Regards Fabiu

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Itchboy I have already created freeplay mods and have some experience. My question was whether there is a big difference between creating mods based on a campaign. At the beginning I was thinking to make a mod based on freeplay with the addition of campaign missions

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There is some differences, mostly with what you can do in missionscript, that is why I consider it the best option for creating custom events.

However if you switch to campaign based freeplay, you will no longer have multiplayer be possible.

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