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Problem with shadows in Emergency 4 Deluxe

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So, I just downloaded EM4 Deluxe on my new computer. Then I saw on EM4 videos that there are shadows in game, I tried to get them on, but when I selected highest options and turned on floor and objects shadows the ground looked weird. It was blueish, it looked like game couldn't set the texture or something.
My computer specs: Intel i3 8th Gen, Nvidia GeForce MX 150

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Its Emergency 4's fault, not yours.

The game is programmed to work with hardware from 2006. Your GPU may very well be too "new" for the game which causes that bug.

The MX150 is also a laptop GPU. Laptop GPUs in general, whether Intel or Nvidia have the blue glitch.

Try setting everything to low and then gradually increasing each setting one by one.

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