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CPH Airport mod 1.1 [1.0 Released]

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Hey Out there 

This is the official forum threat of the Copenhagen Airport Mod. 

In this modification you take control over Copenhagen Airports emergency services and have to take care of all events happening in the airport


- Mission based script
- Tons of new vehicles and personel
- 2 on map fire station
- Entirely new call out system 
- Tons of new scripts


Download link: 

Mirror 1: www.copenhagen-mod.dk



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Its gonna run in mission mode like helping peter or ERS Berlin. 


But i'm currently trying to figure out if I should make so you only controle one thing at a time(ect. fire or security) or if you should be able to controle all at once

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that sounds outstanding! loved the helping peter mod! will there be a jaguar fire engine?


No, in real life the is no engine at the fire station, but I have found one which looks Danish.

Pictures will be released as soon as I have the rest of the team ;)

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Hey Out there 


I am currently working on a side project which i could use some help with 

It is an airport mod where you have to controle fire dept and security at an airport. 


The thing is that I could really use a modeller and a skinner to help me.

I have total control over the scripting and most models are done, but i could use some help with the last models :)


Pictures and videos of the project will be revealed as soon as a find the rest of the team 

I will be more than glad to help with both

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Just to prove that i'm actually serious about this mod, i would like to show your guys some screenshots 


First picture is the rescue crane 


Cabin by Chidea, crane by dnm


Second picture here shows the entire fire garage


pictures with credit will be added in the first post soon. 

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Those look really nice. Was there ever going to be any EMS or is is it going to be fire and security like you said?

One of the cars is a first responder, all ambulances has to be called in from off map

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will there be like city fire service all London airports have there own fire units and when fire alarms go off city fire comes out to not sure how other place have theres done

I was actually thinking about it, but the fd which responds in real life have some special cars which havent been made for em4 yet, so i could use a 3d modeller to make them :)

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Looking great. have been working on my own airport mod for some time now. would love to see this being released! succes!


here a recently uploaded pack that just might be a little help!


hope to see some more screens soon!






Yeah i saw that pack, but unfortuantly its all military stuff so i'm not sure i can use it. 


I currently have two guys working on skins and as soon as the security skins are done I can start releasing some more videoes and screenshots :)


If you think you can do something to help with the mod you are more than welcome to join DMC

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