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  1. Hit me up if you want any help with skinning, i worked on the kent mod with TCRFan
  2. Hello! So with the lovely covid 19 keeping us in our homes i have started playing around with mods and now have started working a fictional Scotland mod! this will be private mod http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/20200529192233_1.thumb.jpg.4820c0619e0836cc20757f059fa16ea9.jpg http://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/20200529192309_1.thumb.jpg.93c971425a55828d259727d901ec3d97.jpghttp://www.emergency-planet.com/uploads/monthly_2020_05/20200529192321_1.thumb.jpg.dd0e404844f44ff404a2a381c7a18d8f.jpg
  3. Does anyone know how to reduce the timer for the plane in LA mods? after its use you have to wait a few minutes and i would like to reduce this
  4. haha yeah i know google... also yeah having done a few edits my self to many mods also working on the kent mod i know what to edit however in this mod all normal calls are deactivated. so you comment is useless
  5. any way i can turn off forest fires? all i get, that and medical calls
  6. yeah the same thing happened to me and the Facebook login doesn't work
  7. Looks really well! actually making me want too do some skinning!
  8. Also another reason is you are deleting the box when a unit is trying to park
  9. While waiting for the path the best way to do it is send them on patrol and when they have passed the bridge send them to the call
  10. AFAs are a different script however you can just ignore the first call and you won't get anymore
  11. will there ever be an update or a new mod from you guys? from the stuff that you have shown like the Manchester one, the new London fire brigade model it would be nice to see more work
  12. hm i will see what i can do, so i am okay to use the model?
  13. I have looked in the credits as the one i would like to use is in the Montana mod but doesn't tell me who created the model
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