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As far as the call not being completed, I am aware of this issue. It happens to anyone who is not the host in a multiplayer game, but I have not heard of it in single player. I am not sure of how to fix this.


The Twinkle Fireworks Factory and the chemical plant are remaining the same, neither building has been edited 

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On 4/14/2016 at 1:36 PM, Blackout said:

What's the location of the alarm? Was the building on fire when you tried to reset it, or anything on fire near by? Can you attach a screen shot of the alarm in question?

This was in single player endless. I haven't gotten to play multiplayer yet since I don't have internet at home.

The building is the bank building on the South East Corner of Apollo Dr. and Main St. The cemetery is directly West, and a small wooded area is directly South, and then the river. The box alarm panel in question is on the east face of the building, and was the Southern panel, the one to the right of the doors.

The building had been on fire as a call, which had then set off the box alarm. I did put all fires out prior to attempting to reset the box.

When I clicked my selected ff on the box, the ff ran South to the corner of the building, then West along the building and off the concrete, and just past the first line of trees he got stuck.

I tried with 3 ff, 2 ff with sbca, and 2 bc's, all same thing. Ended up shooting them and calling the MCU. Then I got called in to work, so I had to quit.

I wish I had thought of a screenshot. So far, I have only had the call once, and I didn't even think to write down the exact call. I will do that in the future.

I am new to the modding thing, I have been playing around with lighting in the editor, but havent done anything else myself yet. I did not change any of the lighting in the Harbor City mod, only in the LA mod and the London mod. I don't know if any of that makes a difference.

It is also possible that performance issues of my PC are to blame, my system is ANCIENT. The mod runs kinda slow, but has otherwise been fine.

Finally, I apologize or taking a while to get back here, work fun times with a downed truck (HA!).

Thanks again for the great mod, and for taking the time to respond to my issue.

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RELEASE DATE - 5/5/2016

After a week of beta testing, followed by two weeks of release to the Squad 55 membership I am pleased to announce that Harbor City 5 will be released to the public!

It's been a long 4 and a bit months of modding but it's finally ready to go!

Main new features include:

- New Models 100% by Blackout - Spartan Gladiator Engine, Spartan Gladiator Rescue, Dodge Ram Squad, Dodge Ram Fire command and police vehicles, Ford E450 ambulance, Ford Taurus police car

- New unique skins/liveries for each district East/West/South/Fire Command, as well as EMS

- Loads of new map work including railway street, an actual harbor (why didn't we have that before right?!), street addresses for each building

- New deployment icons for each vehicle category

- Search House script has been implemented (to most buildings) 

- Ability to use WASD instead of arrow keys to move the camera around the map

- Several new calls, both minor and major

- Loooooads of bugs have been bashed!


Full list of changes will be made available!

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Here is are some avatar/signatures you can use if you'd like.

If you don't want to use them than you can just look at them to see what the units will be like in Harbor City 5.

FYI: The mod should come out around 1400-1800 EST, depending when I get out of bed!









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your link isn't working, I click on it  just go to

10 minutes ago, Blackout said:

Go to www.squad55.com and there is a big link on the front page!


I would have posted it here earlier but either the site was down or I couldn't reach the site for some reason for the last 4 hours.



 download page and says No downloads in this category yet

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