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Oslo, Norway Mod (Private)

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Not sure if this should be posted under the LA sub mod section or not, but I took a gamble on general mods, please don't kill me! So I made myself a little mod/reskin/whatever. I have used the base of LA mod with 4x4 submod, since the gameplay and scripts are awesome. I mixed it with models from mostly Norway mod, but also models I found around using teh googlemeister.. All skins are either made by me or at least modified by me to some degree. Creds to the Norway mod team for inspiration and basis for my modifications.

  • Added a ton of vehicles
  • Modified lights, light bars etc
  • Re-skinned all vehicles based on real vehicles found in Oslo (Although some slightly fictional)
  • Edited sirens to match the Norwegian Wail/10 sec yelp
  • Edited personnel so that they are similar to Norwegian emergency personnel
  • All vehicles have different license plates (all Norwegian)
  • Edited scripts for startup, "toPolicestation" etc, using the three police stations from the 4x4 sub mod.
  • Edited sounds, my personnel are now Norwegian. (stolen from the TV-series "Politiet", and edited in Audacity.
  • Civil cars are now mostly European, no more ugly Crown Vic's driving around :P
  • Edited all specs etc.
  • Edited all unit.xml files +++
  • Added new portraits to everything

Before anyone starts nagging about this being a rip off of others: I have NOT made any models myself, I HAVE taken models from others. I just made this topic to get some feedback, and hopefully some ideas for more edits. It will probably never be released in any form, as I will not go through the hassle of getting all permits needed. In addition, it currently consist of 1.6 GB of files, it's just too much of a mess to sort out what's needed or not anymore.

The only problem I currently have is that I 'm using a "Masterlift" heavy rescue vehicle that needs to be reversed, and I can't figure out how to do that.. Kind of sucks to have it driving around in reverse gear all the time..

Anywaaay, here's a couple of images for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!


Real life counterparts/references/inspiration:


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I really think that the oprativ leder (medic) car shoud also a police car, its really nice work you have :laugh:

Thanks! The Norwegian police don't use xc90's, except for a few unmarked PST (Norwegian Police Security Service) and Royal family escort vehicles as far as I know. But then again, It's the coolest SUV ever, so perhaps I'll make one just for the fun of it. (in fact you just convinced me to do it :P)

My next plan is to steal the MC from the London mod 1.2, since it's just totally cool. I know it can be found elsewhere as well, but from the London mod it's just a few minutes of reskinning before it's done..

(Remember I'm doing this for myself only, but from now on I will save credentials of model makers etc. just in case I will release it someday)

Oh btw; Does anyone know how I can make the large tow truck drive forwards and not reversing all the time? Without editing the model, that is.

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I wouldn't claim the lights are the same, but they are definitely realistic for Norwegian em. vehicles, if that's what you are asking :)

It was, thanks!!

BTW, it would be awesome if you release it someday!

Can we see some gameplay pictures/videos some day?

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