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  1. Hi. I'm wondering: How can i change the picture for each vehicle in the menus on the left? Like this: (taken from "Swedish Mod 2014"-topic.
  2. Oh gawd.... You have to release something!!! Shame that v2.0 won't be released, but hope you'll give us something! Anyway, thanks for the greatest mod out there! :-)
  3. is it safe to say that the v2 is never coming out?? :-(
  4. This mod is dead, right?? Shame... :-(
  5. I wonder: how do you get more than the 2 ambulances already on the map?
  6. shame... I was really looking forward to it
  7. Hey Long time no see! You got any news for us?? Would be really nice with something special inside of the easter egg this year
  8. Will it be possible to connect a hose between the trucks and a hydrant?
  9. Looks even more fantastic than anything! But i wonder if we can see more of the stations and the hospital (if it's OK?)
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