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The mod is still in development. Work and life are always put first and highest priority. I haven't been able to work on the mod for some time due to both. No matter what, this mod will end up being released. Whether it is released as an alpha, which means it wont be finished but it is still playable. Or it is released fully. The only issue that is completely holding me back is the bunker gear scripts. Because the fire station is supposed to be an 'open house' the FFs are initially spawned with their station/work clothes. The next option is to have them put on bunker gear. But that is where it ends. They do not have the ability to have SCBA which absolutely kills the realism effect. Everything is fully playable with only a few known bugs(which are being eliminated). Here's how I set everything up. Keep in mind this was done a long time ago before I knew and had the knowledge I do now.

The model and skins are replaced. This is how I did it:

Station clothes > Bunker gear

Bunker gear > SCBA

It was simply replacing the skin and model files. Which is easily able to be re-set. This way the FFs could gear up into the bunker gear. I still have to tweak sound files to get everything aligned. But that is the only thing keeping this mod from being able to be released finished. Everything else is simply side work I would personally like to finish. I'm still looking at converting the models from the ones I cant use, to ones I can. This way I have full control on when the release is. I have been offered much help with the mod, but unfortunately no one can help me. Converting the models requires new lighting and skinning, which I am extremely picky at. 

The Charlestown submod is halted. By the looks of it, it wont be released at all. It will remain private and just for show. The limited water supply was added and works. But with the way the logic works, I now cannot get the vehicles to return to the station.


If any of this is scrambled or dont make sense, I'm sorry. I'm in some what of a hurry.

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This is a standalone mod. When you go to download it, you will be simply placing the main files in your mods files. Some sound files will also need to be placed in the data folder. Everything will be linked accordingly. All you'll have to do is a simple copy and paste.

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Seriously bro this is the 3rd Mod you bump that hasn't been active where nothing has been posted since. You seriously need to stop it. But yes this mod is dead since September 2014. 


(In Order of Bumps you have done).

1. City of Las Vegas

2. Fairhaven CIty

3. Ravenna, Ohio Submod.


Can a moderator lock this topic.

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