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Modding with windows Vista or 7

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Users who have tried to modify files such as the config file, or scripts and such have ran into problems saving, this is because of UAC which is present in Vista and in win 7, here are two options to get around that protection (this is why you install a program you get the run as administrator pop-up).

Win Vista/7 Have User Account control protection over program files by default, the easiest way around this is to temporarilly copy the file you wish to change to the desktop, edit it, save it, then copy and paste it back into the proper folder where it came from..

Alternatively disable UAC if you change files alot, or just give all users full control over the EM4 folders by right clicking properties on the folder it's self, under the security tab edit permissions and give USERS full control, then press ok.

Please note, in order for the EDITOR to be able to save to UAC protected EM folders it must be ran as an administrator, if you do not remove the UAC protection on EM4 all together.

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