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  1. I don't put my 2 cents in often either, although I frequently read the posts on this forum. I want to thank ALL those who have made vehicles, maps, and buildings from scratch for some amazing mods! I have enjoyed all of them and hope that we will be able to continue to enjoy these in the future. I am grateful to all of you for your contributions to this game! I am not gifted in this area. Tactically, I know my stuff when it comes to Law Enforcement and EMS which is what I do/have done in real life. I understand that you all have lives outside of modding..so thanks for taking time out of your lives to share something with us. I hope that things will soon get back to normal here. Thanks to the moderators for bringing order to chaos.
  2. Great mod. Thanks for your hard work. Keep it up!
  3. @MikeyPI: That is one of the best explanations of law enforcement jurisdiction I have ever seen. I should know, I used to be a Police Officer. Again, great job sir.
  4. The mod is AWESOME! I had a CTD while I had an Engine company responding to a commercial fire, but no other major issues. Due to work, I haven't been able to try it again. Before I had the CTD, I had played on another day with no issues. Again, love the mod! Keep up the good work!
  5. Everytime I try to download it..it only lets me download some binary file. I don't see a box to check or un check on the download page.
  6. I was finally ablle to download it last night. You have to stay on the download bar for it to work for some reason. The mod is well done and enjoyable although very buggy. I'm sure that Xplorer4x4 and his team are well aware of all the bugs so I won't list them here. Like I said, well done and enjoyable to play. Looking forward to the final release. Keep up the good work!
  7. Tried that again. No luck. Stil CTD when I load freeplay-endless game.
  8. The download stopped before the file was completed. The site won't allow me to attempt it again for at least an hour.
  9. @firefighter23 Correct. I have a Radeon HD 4800 series graphics card.
  10. Can anyone tell me what objects that I can look for in editor to remove? I keep getting a CTD everytime I load freeplay. I have turned the game graphics settings down and have even turned the graphics cards setting down with no luck. I really want to play this version of the Manattan Mod. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  11. Couple of bugs that I noticed on the SD version..1) Wolves/dogs block traffic where Police, EMS, and Tec come on the map. I've had to send ESU to shoot the wolves/dogs 2) No ESU station (don't know if this was intentional or left out by mistake). Other than the pedestrian issues (long lines often blocking roadways) that have previously been discussed, I've had no problems.
  12. @Dyson: Sorry for the delay....Thanks for your response to my problem. It seemed that I had 2 older versions of C++ on the computer. After I removed, them I no longer go the C++ error. I still sometimes get CTD despite having my Graphics card (Radeon 4800 HD Series) and the graphics settings on the game at the lowest. When I am actually able to play, I don't have any issues other than the crazy traffic and crazy pedestrians. I'm used to people yielding to lights and sirens, but EM4's creators didn't add that as a feature. Guess it would've been kind of difficult. Anyway, thanks again for the response. The mod is AWESOME! It was well worth the wait!
  13. I have only been able to play this mod 1 time (I have the HD version) and thought it was AWESOME! However, I have been getting consistent Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library errors....abnormal program termination everytime I try to load freeplay. This is extremely frustrating. I have uninstalled the mod and re installted at least 4 or 5 times. Please, somebody who knows more than I do, read the attached logfile. Help me PLEASE! Thanks. logfile.txt
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