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  1. I don't know where you're from, but not every station has a chief. In a major city, a chief may be responsible for numerous stations which make up his battalion or division. Even in a volunteer setting, there might not be a chief for every station. Considering that this map is modeled after Los Angeles, I would expect to see a battalion chief and MAYBE a division chief.
  2. I've got some goofy issues with this mod. All the apparatus go to the stations okay, except for a few minor bugs: The EMS car is a gigantic heavy rescue. The Battalion chief vehicle is actually a Squad. Units get lost or disappear off the map
  3. Cosres, it's totally because you double posted instead of just editing your first post.
  4. A lot of fire departments have that, it keeps the dingers and blownuts from clogging the street so apparatus can actually get to the scene. We have similar rules. It's rather annoying to see a fellow volunteer decked out that bad. It's a courtesey light, it means nothing. More of them doesn't mean people have to yield any more than usual.
  5. This is incorrect. Emergency vehicles still cannot have forward-facing blue lights, and are limited to a single rear-facing light with the exception of police vehicles, which may have multiple rear blues. Volunteer firefighters are limited to a single, 25 candlepower blue light visable from 360 degrees, and volunteer ambulance workers are to use the same, except in green. That's straight from the V&T law, but a little outdated. Good luck trying to find a 25 candlepower blue trouble bubble. Most volunteers use a Code 3 dashlaser or similar, or small light bars/led windshield lights. A cop c
  6. So, the unit confirmations ("It's Okay", "Central, I'm 10-51...") are a hodgepodge of generic UK and Los Angeles accents; will there eventually be a switch to either pre-recorded chatter from a live dispatch, or voice acting? It's been a while since I've heard a lot of FDNY chatter, so I'm not sure what they use, but where I'm from (6hrs from NYC), our chatter would be things like "Responding", "In Service, Returning to Quarters" etc.
  7. I believe the correct term is "all y'alls"... but since we're talking about a FDNY mod, maybe it should be "youse guys". That Downtown Ambulance is an awesome Type I.
  8. OK. The only reason I asked is because I try to stick to actual dispatch SOP's, and a box alarm is going to send 2+2, and a 10-75 is going to send 4 engines, 3 trucks, 2 battalion, rescue & squad.
  9. If I may, I'd like to interject a bit on the apparatus selection - will you have any generic units to call from off the map? I know a lot of times when playing other mods, I'll have 2-3 fires going at the same time, and it looks stupid if you have the same trucks at all the fires. This way, obviously your current apparatus would function as a battalion, providing coverage for this fictional section of the city; any additional fires in this map would call the next closest battalion. So essentially, all you'd need to do is add a generic battalion car, engine, and truck, and we could call as many
  10. So, I know this is boring, but I don't know a single firefighter that doesn't answer fire alarm activations; this would be a cool type of call to add. The alarm goes off, fire has to respond and investigate (ask people in the building, etc) and then turn the alarm off. Maybe a panel similar to the ones the engineers have by street lights would make an easy alarm panel. And some alarms would obviously turn out to be real fires.
  11. YAY! I'm glad this is still an active project; As a buffalo resident, I WANT TO PLAY THIS! Keep it up, FortErieFireEli!
  12. As far as I know, FDNY runs a driver/operator, lieutenant or captain, and four firefighters per rig.
  13. A lieutenant/captain on every truck would be an interesting idea, similar to the Shane Green mod. I find that feature very useful to call add'l equipment on misc. fires and accidents.
  14. It must be true, they made a video game out of it!
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