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  1. You might have to enable view hidden files and folders to see them...
  2. I really like this mod as it helps a lot in SP missions
  3. I have a siren for the historical fire truck that I custom made. Let me know if you are interested and I will post it here.
  4. Anyone got this game on PS3? I have it and I must say it really is one awesome crime-fighting drama! Being an undercover cop isn't easy though, espeically when you're dealing with the triads, the law, and family matters all at once... More info here: http://sleepingdogs.net/ Also, was anyone able to get the police boats? They appear to be somewhat bugged... The only one I was able to get was this one here: Other than that though, it's an awesome game! Anyone else have it?
  5. I forgot to say that I recently got the SWAT Tornado and Eagle and the Red Gang Tornado! If anyone needs help getting it add my GT jackmap (XBL Only).
  6. Light bar and bullbar optional. Not much modding options for the ambulance, mainly just the colour scheme Ladder is optional I'll get a picture of the police bike later. Radio station's a pretty crap still. Thanks for the info - I must have overlooked the ladder option!
  7. Yes you can still customize [certain] emergency vehicles. I have also turned off the music so I can't tell you anything about that, sorry. EDIT: Can a moderator or administrator please fix the topic title to "Saints Row The Third" (I thought I had the w in there but I didn't)? Thanks
  8. I think that this game is awesome. It's got everything; cars, boats, helicopters, and even tanks! Does anyone else have this game and would like to play online? Xbox360 Gamertag = jackmap
  9. Nevermind, I got the audio file. Mods/Admins can close this topic now...
  10. I did search but when I did find it, it was either mixed in with other sirens, or had background noises! EDIT: This siren can also be found in Emrgency Mayhem!
  11. Does anyone know what kind of siren this is? http://www.audiosparx.com/sa/summary/play.cfm/crumb.1/crumc.0/sound_iid.261047 I had this one on my computer but I lost it. I am looking for this siren both in this quality and in better quality. Thanks
  12. Do you mean the pumper fix or the siren fix? I'm not sure if the pumper fix is out but I did fix the sirens though...
  13. So then when is the release date of this thread? LOL just kidding! Seriously though, that is a very good point. If I were in your shoes, I would say/do the exact same thing! Keep up the good work!
  14. I'm just curious, has anyone here ever created their own mods for other games other than the Emergency series? Here is one mod that I have created for Midnight Club 2. It's still a test though...
  15. MAN007

    LA Noire

    I've got to say, I love this game! I'm already up to the vice cases!
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