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    Then I'm afraid you have posted to the wrong section, this is for Emergency 5 not Emergency 4.
  2. Looks great! If you'd like, you can send me the relevant files and I can include them with the standard mod (you will, of course, be credited!) as I am currently working on patching problems and solving issues with the current version when it interacts with the new version of the game. It can easily be put in then. I'm glad to see some interest here.
  3. I am working on it. Sadly progress is very slow due to the implications of coursework and the recent Hurricane Irma which went through my area (I lost power for a week, and recovery is still ongoing for several areas). I don't know when the mod will be ready if at all but fingers crossed by the New Year, if all goes right, I'll have good news.
  4. I make no guarantees, but I may have some time soon during the summer (June- August) that I need to waste, and this might be a good opportunity. Alas, it was time constraints that made me leave in the first place.
  5. I downloaded from the Dropbox mirror, but it's missing the default.rml file mentioned in the readme. Is this file no longer necessary, or is it actually missing by accident?
  6. Nice lighting, looking forward to the mod.
  7. Ooh, nice! If you'd like me to set up events or such, I'd be happy to contribute, provided I have time.
  8. I'll be happy to give any suggestions or advice. If you need a bit of help in certain departments. Is there anything specific you need some help with?
  9. It looks great! It appears you have the time I didn't have to make this mod a reality. Although I am sad about having to leave the mod for lack of time, I'm exited that someone's been able to make good progress on it.
  10. And I'm sorry to have to let everyone down like this.
  11. I'm sorry to say that I am no longer working on EM5 modding. There is very little in the way of support. Modding is difficult because of the constant updating by the developers, breaking the game. In addition I have little time as I find myself in a different situation than I was when I started working on EM5, and even when I do work, I am constantly overshadowed. I hope one day that I can make a similar, but independent game without the problems that EM5 has- If I do, I will certainly post on it here.
  12. I'm not going to get in an argument over this but it definitely looked like you were trying to release a fix to overshadow my work by doing it faster, which worked. I will say no more on that topic.
  13. Hey V!nce, I'm working on fixing some bugs and compatibility/integration with KillerConsti's Minimod. Unfortunately things have been slow, mostly due to time constraints. I'm hoping I can get a break around Thanksgiving (Nov 24th for those not in the U.S.) to work on the mod, just hang in there and hopefully it will be playable again.
  14. Looking even better now Consti. Two things: Are you adding this for foot units, and are you trying to get a higher draw distance working? It really is bugging me that the draw distance is so low. Of course it's better than nothing but that would be a great bonus.
  15. That's probably something wrong with his video recorder, except for the fog, from what I see. The fog- if I remember there's a setting somewhere to turn it down, but I'd have to go fetch it which I really don't feel like doing ATM.
  16. My goodness Consti you have done something with this game that is absolutely amazing. Will you be adding support for keyboard control of on foot units and hotbar actions? It would be nice to say, control a police officer, and arrest someone through this mode, or easily control the sirens as if this was some sort of driving simulator. Keep it up!
  17. woooooooooooooow... I remember once, long ago, when at most it took a week.+
  18. Looks cool, I'm working on updating the Dutch Mod to make it more compatible and also updating textures, FYI here if you would like to know. When is the new update coming out?
  19. Oh so grab them from there and then scale them, basically. Got it.
  20. Would you know if these modellers are willing to create other models, especially American ones? I'm back in the modding game and I need some high-quality help with modelling (I can't get the hang of it for my life lol)
  21. Hello Marijn. (I'm going to guess you're Dutch from your name, I'm sorry I don't speak it) The mod is not dead. Although few play EM5 it is still not dead and so is the Chicago mod. However my computer broke and therefore for several months I was not able to progress with either of the two mods. I am planning a minor update by the middle of the month of September, and if all goes well a full update by October or even better if I can manage. The mod has already been released, look in the files section of Emergency Planet. There is also a download link from MEGA somewhere although I forgot. That link may be dead.
  22. Ben12

    Graphic card

    I used to get about 40- 50 FPS with a GTX 240 until my computer broke, I'd suggest a GTX 660 at least, probably a GTX 730 for best frames
  23. No, they know English, they give redirect answers in English. I've asked before; the helper wrote in perfect English but decided that I should look at a non- existent and off- topic help article, that was IN GERMAN. I'm learning German, but my spelling would kill in seconds. And I'm not too far in my studies of the language either.
  24. They're (race? national? something?)-ist, from what I hear. People have told me that they only take support requests from Germans, in Germany, in German, so I guess we got the (unfair) short straw. I'm hoping that someone will make an Emergency- isq game, so that we don't have to go through the idiots over at Sixteen Tons.
  25. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact me here on EMP. Or suggestions.
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