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  1. Really hope this mod materializes. Really wished I knew a thing or two of modding to commit to making one or helping !
  2. Does anyone have the link for the Sao Paulo mod which has the new map as seen on this youtube video?
  3. What a shame this will never be public. I would have loved to play with this mod.
  4. Did you ever manage to do this? I'm trying to do it on a Mod now
  5. did you ever manage to do this ? I'm trying now also.
  6. did you ever manage to fix this?
  7. Hi All, I thought I'd brush up some dust by firing up Em4 again. I'm looking for help to spawn vehicles on a freeplay map on my own private mod like you would with the LA MOD etc using the LAFireStationStart. I have tried creating the VO objects and then copy + pasting the script onto this new mod, chaning the object etc on the text but I seem to just get errors and CTD. I'd really appreciate any time you can spare to help! Thanks!
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